1. Not creepy at all sCs!

    Not creepy at all sCs!

  2. JustAnotherCuber

    Speedcubeshop Prices

    Just wondering, is it possible to show the prices on Speedcubeshop to a different currency. Like i use CAD, but the prices shown now are in USD. I remember Speedcubeshop used to do this automatically, but I guess things have changed.
  3. Sub1Hour

    The Cubicle vs Speedcubeshop Debate

    Which store is better, The Cubicle, or SpeedCubeShop? Which premium service is better? Who has the most innovation? These questions and more answered by the community here at Speedsolving.com! We have heard many opinions about various cube manufacturers, but how do the 2 biggest retailers of...
  4. R

    $35 Cubicle/CubeDepot for $35.97 SCS giftcard

    I have a $35.97 SpeedCubeShop gift card from 6 months ago, when I returned my GAN 356 Air SM. I don't buy from SpeedCubeShop anymore, because it's too far away, an a bit expensive. I would trade with anyone who has a ~35 dollar gift card from either TheCubicle or CubeDepot.
  5. Mr.Roux86

    Speed Cube Shop Cosmic Lube Comparison Charts

    I am annoyed that every time I want to use my sCs lube I have to click through many product links to find out how fast or gummy a lube is. So I decided to put together a chart that displayed all of the information in one place. There isn't much more to explain. The links are here. -...
  6. camcuber

    Your Most Trusty / Reliable Cube?

    I looked around and didn't see a thread on this topic already and thought it would be fun for everybody to post what cube they consider to be their most trusty or reliable. Personally, I always find myself going back to my CC GuHong II or CC ZhanChi if I am going to be competing but will use...
  7. E

    Speedcubeshop Unboxing - LanLan Skweb und Alpha CC

    Nothing much to say beforehand. All the infos - as well as some regarding speedcubeshops service - in the video. Enjoy:
  8. E

    Speedcubeshop: QJ Skewb & LingAo Mat & questions for YOU

    It's all in the video. Enjoy:
  9. PuduMaster

    Where to get a Lingyun from?

    Where would be the best place to buy it? Speedcubeshop, Lightake etc.. And what color ? I live in Australia so closest to home would be better
  10. collinbxyz

    Haiyan Memory or C4U Tile Cube?

    Which one is better, haiyan memory, or c4u tile cube?