1. PicubeShop

    PicubeShop - Get the best speed cube for a great price at picubeshop.com!

    Hi, everyone! Picube was founded in August of 2017 with a variety of hand-done custom speed cubes and other popular puzzles by four speedcubing enthusiasts. Our custom magnetic cubes have been recognized as the most professional and industry leading speed cubes in China. Many top cubers in China...
  2. Luke Terzich

    KewbzUK - The UK's Largest Speed Cube Shop

    Hey Guys. Luke here from KewbzUK :D We have just celebrated our 4th birthday and I thought, why not introduce ourselves to those that had not yet heard of us. Who are KewbzUK? We are a UK based speed cube shop, founded in 2015 and have grown exponentially ever since. We have currently rated...
  3. GirlMeetsCubing

    [Member Intro] Wayyyyyyyyyyyy new to speedcubing

    Hey, I'm a female cuber living on the east coast(Maryland to be exact), and I'm really really bad at cubing. I started speedcubing less than a month and a half ago, before I turned twelve, so I guess that gives me an excuse to be terrible. My times are really inconsistent, from 30-60 seconds. My...
  4. A

    Lebanese Cubers/ Lebanon Cubers

    Hey guys :D I was wondering if anyone else in Lebanon cubed, cuz i wouldn't mind having a tournament every now and then.
  5. rybaby

    Why are speedcubers on SpeedSolving.com so mean?

    I'm not trying to attack anybody here or make accusations. I have noticed, nonetheless, that many cubists here on the forums are just plain mean. Example: I cannot even count how many times I have seen "use the search function" on threads. For one, if you care to post on a repeated thread...
  6. TomWood

    South Australian Speedcubers

    I know there is a thread looking for SA cubers but its three years old and I'm wondering how many of you are still out there or new? Even if you're in Australia not just SA where are you all haha
  7. rubikmaster

    How many cubers are out there?

    What do you think,guys?How many cubers are out there in the world?And I don't just mean SPEEDcubers,but all cubers,all people who know how to solve a Rubik's cube.Please vote on the poll and also post some of your opinions in the comments.This may sound stupid but I think there are about 15-20...
  8. S

    Speedcubers in India!

    I haven't seen too many Indian cubers on this forum and wanted to know how many there were... I wanted to find people from Bangalore, in particular... I had a couple of questions: 1) Where are cubing competitions held in India and when are they held? 2) Has anybody had any shipping problems...