1. RadicalRick

    Of all the nerves? Everyone's down fall?

    The life of a Gone-in-60-second cuber. It blows my mind that when I'm learning to Speedcube non-chanting without a timer, I'm doing pretty good and my flows are improving quickly. But the minute I start using a timer, whether offline by myself or on Cube Station under the timer by myself, my...
  2. teboecubes

    super slow 33:50.42 guildford challenge because of bad 6x6 and 7x7 solves.

  3. FastCubeMaster

    SpeedCubing in Slow Motion

    SpeedCubing Slow Motion - 2,000 Subscriber special!! :D I hope you guys enjoy the video, editing did take quite a while
  4. joshuastacker

    [Unofficial] 2x2 Average of 5 10.412

    I am horribly slow but, I have to post something :P Trying to get better at 2x2 after I finally finish up learning 3x3. Times (in case for some reason you care): 8.961, (8.119), (12.675), 11.018, 11.275. Really want a sub-10 average right now
  5. J

    How can I slow down my Moyu pyraminx tips?

    Please help. I average 10 seconds with my moyu pyraminx but in my solve i keep unintentionally twisting the corners so that the solved ones are unsolved and i have to redo them. How can i make them harder to turn them down and prevent this?
  6. E

    How to get more consistent times?

    I once ave been averaging about 25 seconds and i have not yet taken a break from cubing but now my times continuosly get worse and more inconsistent. The slower times are no biggie but the inconsistency is more frustrating than anything. I need help getting more consistent and after i am there...
  7. Z

    What to do for a 40-45 second solver?

    I know intuitive F2L, 2-look OLL, and half of the PLLs, use a stickerless zhanchi (and just ordered a YuLong), but yet i still have a 45 second average :confused:. Any tips on how to improve quickly? Thanks!
  8. BadProP

    [Help Thread] Is my cube / puzzle a dud?

    Hi Everyone I recently bought my first brand new Dayan Zhanchi 3x3 from a supplier on E-Bay. When I received the cube within the first few seconds of play it popped. I re-assembled the cube and a few minutes later it popped again. After numerous pops I approached google, Youtube and the...
  9. cubecraze1

    [Official] 13.12 Average Of 5 (Shepparton Winter)

    Cube: Guhong II Times: 13.75, DNF(14.72), 13.03, 11.25, 12.58 Last solve was a pll skip. Reconstruction?
  10. S

    What am I doing wrong?

    Hi! My average was around 30 seconds on a standard Rubik's brand. I had fairly decent F2L lookahead, 2-look OLL and most 1-look PLL cases. My best time was 24 seconds. I bought a Dayan Zhanchi. My average is around 30 seconds on the Dayan Zhanchi. I have some, but not the best...
  11. R

    [Unofficial] My process while solving the cube!

    well i know i'm slow but i still want to be faster!so please help me with tips!:) ill appreciate it:)
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  13. Winston Yang

    [Help thread] DaYan ZhanChi

    Hi I recently received a Dayan Zhanchi and it is really good and I was wondering if your center caps are really loose like myns they are really loose
  14. kprox1994

    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    I keep seeing all of these questions about lube. I think it would be good to keep lubrication questions all in one thread about where to buy and what lube to use for what cubes. Lube Types (Descriptions by Thrawst) Lubix is like UN Security Council resolutions: it's not a be all end all...
  15. Deweyspunkis

    F2l is slow???

    I just learned f2l yesterday and I can do it now by memory but it dramatically increases my solve time. I feel like I have to think about what moves I am going to do and I also feel like I'm constantly searching for pieces around the cube. Will I get better over time? How Do you guys know where...
  16. PCwizCube

    [Unofficial] 3x3 F2L Slow Turning Sub20 AO12 Looking ahead and turning at a consistent pace is very important in F2L. In this video, I demonstrate that by looking ahead and turning at a steady pace, you don't need to turn extremely fast during F2L to achieve sub 20 averages. Average: 18.55...