skewb fingertricks

  1. KFCubes

    How To Fingertrick A Skewb!!! New Upload

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  2. theROUXbiksCube

    Skewb Example Solves

    Cube: Moyu Skewb Hello :D Feel free to critique, scrambles are right here: Time List: 1. 0.13 U' R' U' R B U' R L' R' 2. 0.17 L U' B' U R L' B L 3. 0.20 R U R' L' R' L R' L' If the coloring was off, I fixed it on my camera :P How do you like the Camera Angle?
  3. Xishem

    [Help Thread] Skewb Discussion and Help

    I (among other people) would like to see skewb progress more, and... Since it's not a puzzle that's been highly explored yet, have this thread.