1. B

    How to use CRC silicone spray on cube?

    Hello, I just bought some CRC heavy duty silicone spray. I just want to know how to lube my cube with it. Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
  2. KobaltKour

    Guhong edges scratching each other?

    Hey guys, I got my Guhong two weeks ago and have been very happy with it. I've lubed it twice with 3 in 1 silicone spray which has worked very well for me. However I noticed that the edges always seem to have scraped off plastic, leaving a white residue. It has also lost some of it's glossy...
  3. ThomasJE

    What is the best lubricant? [poll]

    What do you think is the best lubricant out there? Vote in the poll and/or post. If I've missed one, just post and I'll ask a mod to add it to the poll. I've left out Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly for obvious reasons. Base your answer on: Cost Avalibility How long it lasts After effects...
  4. solved

    Blaster Lube Question/Story

    So, sitting in my room is a can of "Fabulous" B'laster Silicon Spray lubricant. It claims to be safe on plastics. I have a single cube, a nice ghosthand 1. It turns pretty well, but I still think I should lube it. Anyway, I bought a can of this lubricant at a local hardware store (I couldn't...
  5. R

    We need to help newcubers

    I have find a lot of videos in the youtube and a lot of posts telling or offerig different ways of making faster the cubes. They say different ways that in a short term of time arent too bad (some of them) and then in a long term of time they are horrible. I think we should make announces...
  6. R

    Question on Silicone Spray..

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum so I'm sorry if this is a double post, but I didn't find any threads with this title.. Well my question, I live in Bangalore and I don't know where to buy a silicone spray. But I came across this product which is available in Bangalore...
  7. PandaCuber

    Cubing Under Pressure!?

    So I went to my local hardware store to find some silicone for my cube and I asked the guy that worked there. Well after not finding the can, he asked me what it was for. I told him im a cuber and I need some for my cube...Next thing I know i was surrounded by workers. They asked my to solve...
  8. G

    Silcone spray not working?

    i just went out and bought some silicone spray to lube all my cubes. i tested it first on my rubiks 3x3x3 to see if it would work. and it just made my cube kind of clicky. i used liquid wrench silicone spray. it makes it faster when moving fast, but when moving slow it feels kind of sticky and...
  9. S

    Can you use Treadmill Silicone spray for lubing your rubiks cube?

    Can you use Treadmill Silicone spray for lubing your rubiks cube?:confused:
  10. kprox1994

    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    I keep seeing all of these questions about lube. I think it would be good to keep lubrication questions all in one thread about where to buy and what lube to use for what cubes. Lube Types (Descriptions by Thrawst) Lubix is like UN Security Council resolutions: it's not a be all end all...
  11. brandbest1

    Lubing magic?

    I saw on the Lubix Cube website that he used lubix to speed up his rubik's magic! it is in the faq part on the web site. can you actually do this?:fp thx!
  12. Magix

    Silicone, Rubiks Cube

    I just bought the Rubik's brand 3x3x3 cube and it it's so stiff my hands literally get tired from solving the first cross.. So obviously I need to lubricate it, I went to a hardware/construction store thing, when I told them I need silicone lubricant they just looked at me with dumb faces and...