1. Galva101

    [Help Thread] 5x5 Ghost Cube - Layer by Layer Method for Centers

    I have built a 5x5 Ghost Cube using Joachim Solborg's 3D Printable Extensions. I am however a bit lost when it comes to solving it, I have the following question: Is there a way to solve a 5x5 Supercube's Front, Left, Right and Back centers layer by layer? As you can see in the picture, these...
  2. ruwix

    Donald Trump shape mod

    This is my new Trump Cube. I have a time-lapse video about the 3D drawing, I hope you'll like it :)
  3. TheSeppomania

    [Unofficial] [UWR] 4x4 mastermorphix 1:53.03

    finally sub 2 it's hard to find new goals :( I guess I need a rival.....
  4. Oricuber

    New mod idea?

    I'm considering making a mod that I thought of. It's very similar to a mastermorphix, except it's a 4-sided pyramid, like the famous Egyptian pyramids. It could be applied to any n×n×n puzzle. I was wondering whether anyone had made a mod like this previously?