1. SollsIsCool

    Watch my PB vid! 20.791 seconds.

  2. natezach728

    [Unofficial] 3x3 : 6.09 Single

    Sorry for bad quality :P
  3. carloscarneros

    [Unofficial] Rubik's cube: 10.00 average of 5

    Average of 5: 10.00 1. 9.90 L' F2 R' D2 U2 B2 R' U2 R2 B2 D' B D' L2 B' D2 U B 2. 10.11 B' R2 F L2 R2 B F2 U2 B' L2 F' R B' L U2 B' L U' L R' U' 3. (9.78) B' L2 B D2 B R2 B' L2 B' D2 F U' F' L' B2 F' D' F' L B 4. (12.71) D2 R2 U' R2 U' L2 D L2 B2 U2 L2 R' B2 F2 D' L' B' F' U' L B'...
  4. nuclearbigdaddy


    I am new to these threads, I live in Canton, Georgia (time to make redneck joke) and have been cubing for about three months. -I play piano and Alto saxophone. -I am in all advanced and accelerated classes in school. -My PB on 3x3 is 19 Seconds seconds using CFOP. I average 28 seconds. -I know...
  5. brandbest1

    [Unofficial] Rubik's Cube Average of 5- 20.73

    Go ahead and reconstruct- if you can!
  6. brandbest1

    The Bizarre Puzzle Example Solve Game!!

    There have been two example solve games: 3x3 and 2x2. Now time for some non-n x n puzzles! Yes, there are lots of those out there, bringing more fun to this thread! Same format as the other example solve games. When you say next, name the puzzle and the scramble. Current puzzles than can be used...
  7. brandbest1

    Anyone have a lanlan skewb?

    yah so i think i heard somewhere that skewb will be an official event this year, so i want to start practicing. anyone have a lanlan skewb that i can buy? price range i am seeeking is around $7 or less.
  8. Talon2461

    [Unofficial] 3x3 Rubik's Cube Solve in 9:00 seconds (NL)

    Wow, this solve was amazing. Got this while i was trying to get a sub 20 average. Easy cross, 4 easy F2L pairs with easy look ahead, an OLL that was in the perfect place and a Z perm :). Hoping to do more of these solves especially a good average of 5
  9. XXGeneration

    [Help Thread] Improving Consistency Discussion

    I started cubing last summer during China. I quickly dropped to a 30 second average by last December through practice, and after learning OLL and getting much practice, I got to around a 20 second average. Since last December, I've been stuck at the same time. :( Usually in an AO5 that I...
  10. pcwiz

    [Help Thread] How to Get Faster using the Fridrich / CFOP Method

    PDF Version of this Guide - March 23, 2013 Welcome! This thread will be a guide to help you get faster at solving the Rubik’s Cube using the popular Fridrich/CFOP method. Please read this thread and do some forum searching prior to asking questions about becoming faster. First off, the...