1. teboecubes

    Reading the Cubing at Home Regulations 21:04.76 YTUWR

  2. L

    When will Stickerless cubes be legal in WCA competitions?

    Hello, Back last year, people were saying how stickerless cubes woould be made legal in 2015. However, I have checked the WCA regulations and they said, "Puzzles must have coloured parts, which must be one of the following: coloured stickers, coloured tiles, coloured plastic, or painted/printed...
  3. C

    Regarding stickers

    I've tried searching around and reading the rules, but I can't seem to find an answer for this. I'm going to my first competition tomorrow, and I'm a little concerned. I got some bad chips on one side of my skewb, and decided to replace that side with some cubicle stickers. They are slightly...
  4. Lucas Garron

    [WCA Regulations 2014] DNF for 1/2 multi BLD

    According to Delegate consensus, the WRC is planning to change multi BLD score calculation such that 1/2 will be considered DNF. Scores of 0 with at least two solved cubes will remain the same, and past results will remain valid. The exact planned change is here. This is intended to discourage...
  5. Sa967St

    [WRC Announcement] Skewb will be an official WCA Event as of January 1, 2014

    The WCA Board has approved the addition of Skewb as a WCA event in the 2014 Regulations. You can view the changes from the current Regulations to account for Skewb here. The main supporting reasons from the WRC for the addition of Skewb are: There has been a high demand as well as strong...
  6. Sebastien

    [WCA Regulations 2014] Mean of N for FMC

    As most of us know (for example looking at the current WRs) FMC sometimes involves a lot of luck. Thus I think, that at least for more important competition (like WC, Euro, etc.) a "Mean of x" format (x being 2 or 3) should be allowed. I even propose to make "Mean of x" the prefered...
  7. esquimalt1

    Possible 2011 WCA Regulations Changes

    Well it's that time of year again where the regulations get redone so I figured we could address some ideas here. Random Ideas: SKEWB ADDED (lol) Clarification for 4d: "Cube puzzles must be scrambled with the white (or the lightest colour by default) face on top and green (or the...