1. G

    The DB in CubeDB - new version of cubedb, now supports profiles and socials!

    The most common question regarding CubeDB is "why did you put DB in the name?" well, from day 1, the idea was to create a public repository of solve reconstructions everyone can share and learn from each other. It took a while before CubeDB reached a phase where reconstructions were made easy...
  2. KFCubes

    Easiest Scramble EVER! | 9.99 3x3 Single Reconstruction!

    While I was watching the #monkeyleague pre-season, I got an insanely lucky scramble. I got a 9.99 on it, and although it wasn't my PB, it was very lucky, and after trying it again, I got an 8.47. Please subscribe and leave a like if you want to see more content! Question of the Day: What was...
  3. y235

    Most Insightful/Interesting Reconstructions (or Example Solves)?

    Did you learn a new technique from studying a reconstruction of some WR solve? Did you ever followed a reconstruction and found a particularly nice alg? Did you see an example solve that just made a whole concept click? Were you ever amazed by an especially elegant solve? I'd like to hear what...
  4. Noahaha

    How Reconstructions are Treated on the Forum

    Does anyone even look at reconstructions? I know that Bresty likes to show off occasionally, but I've seen way too many times where people beg for reconstructions, when it doesn't even seem like they would be useful. Reconstructions are meant for learning. I have several proposals/ideas that...