1. xtom

    Check your "ranking" while practicing

    [RankingTimer] check your "ranking" while practicing RankingTimer is an online cubing timer based on the latest competition data from WCA: http://www.rankingtimer.com/ Screenshot: Special points: 1. supports almost all kinds of scrambles in wca competition; 2. each scramble is selected...
  2. DarioRubik

    [Spanish NR] 7.61 3x3 average + 6.58 Single - Dario Roa

    Finally got a sub-8 average in comp! Also, in the last three solves I zommed in slightly and then added the timer on the top. Tell me if you like it better than leaving it as is (just like the first two solves). Got the single in the first round too (though this can easily be...
  3. Dibnagoo

    11x11 speed solves

    Recently I've been going balls to the wall trying to get my 11x11 solves down. Now, I'm a bit curious how quickly some forum members here can solve it, and about where I am standing in the world. My current fastest time is 31:18.26, done on cubetimer.com and, of course, only hand scrambled (I...
  4. Noahaha

    Should official 3BLD mo3s be ranked? (Read the first post)

    I think that singles should still be what win competitions, but I think that in 3BLD there should also be rankings for means of 3. Here are my reasons: 1. The WR single has basically gotten to the point that anyone who wants to beat it would need a fairly lucky scramble (Marcell included). 2...