1. rjcaste

    Moyu Aolong Center Cap Popping

    I've had a new Moyu Aolong since Christmas and the center caps are starting to pop whenever I turn too fast. It's pretty annoying. All I've done to the cube is lube and tension. This issue commonly occured with my Moyu Weilong I had previous to this cube, and started to happen about a month or 2...
  2. RMcDonald

    DaYan Zhanchi popping like crazy, very catch-happy. Suggestions?

    Hi all, I have a 55mm black DaYan Zhanchi that I have about ~600 solves on. It's not my main so it's not a huge deal, but it was my first proper speedcube so it's got a special place in my heart. It was very smooth and didn't catch often. However, I opened it up and lubed the core with...
  3. BadProP

    [Help Thread] Is my cube / puzzle a dud?

    Hi Everyone I recently bought my first brand new Dayan Zhanchi 3x3 from a supplier on E-Bay. When I received the cube within the first few seconds of play it popped. I re-assembled the cube and a few minutes later it popped again. After numerous pops I approached google, Youtube and the...
  4. cubizh

    What's the farthest you ever popped a puzzle?

    While trying to speedsolve a 6x6, a fast R move while the layers were slightly misaligned made three pieces slingshot out of the puzzle. One internal piece went flying off across the hall to a 6m distance. That's the farthest I've ever popped a piece. I'm curious to know how far other people...
  5. S

    How to properly tension a speedcube,reduce lock ups and pops, and more.

    Yeh. I know it’s a bold title but this is what I’ve found out. About a month ago I was having a lot of problems with my cubes popping locking up and some issues with speed. I kept noticing that the majority of my pops were occurring on one side and it finally dawned on me why. Even though when...
  6. C

    Replacement screw lengths and spring constants

    I've got a Shengshou 7x7x7. I wondered what would happen if I changed the springs. The SpeedCubeShop sells spring kits for Dayan and Alpha (Type A), for only $1.25 each so naturally I ordered a set to see what would happen. So I've got three different sets of screws to mess around with and...
  7. J

    9x9x9 cube

    Hi all. First time poster here. Not sure if this is the right spot for this question, but here we go...Received my yj 9x9 cube in the mail yesterday. It didn't pop at first, but seemed a little loose. I tightened it up a bit and it started popping like crazy. I loosened it up again and it still...
  8. W

    Wonderful Puzzler

    Hi There I recently got my hands on a wonderful puzzler 3x3 and after having a play with it decided I would try and create A speed cube out of it after tensioning and lubing the cube it is a lot smoother and is pretty fast the only problem it has is that it pops pretty frequently just wondering...
  9. n00bcub3r

    lunhui popping??

    just recently i got a lunhui but its been popping alot even with really tight settings, no mods, and with anchors any solution??
  10. Tommy34

    FII Malfunction help?

    Hi guys/gals, my FII that I have had for about one month now has started acting up. I replaced the stickers after about one week, and am glad that I did. The problem that I have found is that the caps on the edge/corner pieces keep popping. This started happening today after I applied lube, and...
  11. PuduMaster

    LanLan 2x2 keeps popping!

    whenever i turn it really fast one of the center pieces pops out of place. how can i stop this from happening?
  12. *LukeMayn*

    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Read before posting. Search before posting a question. The "search thread" tool in this thread can be used to see if someone already asked a similar question here. Depending on the question, you may also find answers on the Speedsolving Wiki, or in other threads. If you have questions about WCA...
  13. *LukeMayn*

    [Help thread] Centre caps falling out

    how does that paper thing work?