1. freshcuber.de

    FreshCuber-Podcast - Zauberwürfel und Speedcubing (german podcast about cubes and cubing)

    Hey everyone who understands german language. I started a german audio podcast about magic cubes and speedcubing. If you like, you can check it out here: https://freshcuber.de/podcast/ And if you want to subscribe directly: https://freshcuber.de/feed/mp3/
  2. abunickabhi

    RouxNBlind Podcast #1: MBLD and stuff...

    Yo! This is my first podcast, I will be improving on it as I get in more podcasts in. Will be inviting cubers too to have a fruitful and informative discussion.
  3. CornerCutter

    The CornerCutter Podcast - a consistent weekly speed cubing podcast

    Hi guys, I launched The CornerCutter Podcast (originally CornerTwist) a few months ago. It is a podcast all about cubing and how to improve. I talk about the latest cubing news, information on methods and cubes, and also I have just began to have guests on the show! I am planning in the...
  4. C

    Cubecast - Episode 6 with Rowe Hessler!

    All right, let's do this. Episode 6 with Rowe Hessler released! Listen here: http://cubecast.fm/Episodes/Episode?season=5&episode=6 Shownotes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16f10TY4xjFCD4z1FxseVxdZUl-nILKP6bA1IbfemqjQ/edit In which Waffo, Ranzha, and Meechay talk with Rowe Hessler and...
  5. tomatotrucks

    The Cubing Show - a podcast about cubing

    I'm very excited to (finally) announce The Cubing Show, a podcast hosted by myself and two of my friends (Rhys and Bryce), about cubing. Listen: On the website On YouTube Through RSS On iTunes Episodes: 1: Trouble with +2s 2: The Problem is... Unsolvable 3: It's a Wonderful World 4: Poor...