personal best

  1. YaleZ1023

    I got another PB (14.70)

    This is my 3rd sub 15 second solve! It was a PLL skip with a U2 AUF;)
  2. teboecubes

    40:49.00 Gigaminx PB Live

  3. U

    What’s your favourite event?

    I personally am getting into Pyra
  4. CuberRiley

    [Official] Skewb 3.52 Single and 6.84 average - Riley Edwards

    Hey guys. Here are some really awesome Skewb solves I got at KPW 2015 a few days ago. I hope you enjoy! (The 3 wasn't in the same average as the 6.84) 3.52 Single: 6.84 Average:
  5. King Mike

    How did your averages change through experience?

    I'm just curious of your averages and how they changed through experience. Please also list how your methods have changed... I'm just wondering how my cubing experience is different than yours, and I'm also wondering how I progress compared to others :) Here are mine: Week 4: Avg 1:47 (PB...
  6. cashis

    [Unofficial] 12.05 PB Reconstruction [Help & Tips appreciated]

    just bc I like reconstructing [12.05] U2 L B2 L B2 F2 R U2 L' D2 R D B' F' D' L2 U' B D2 B2 F2 generated with qqtimer x y2 L F2 u' R' u R' /cross L' U L/ 1st pair U' R' U R y L' U' L/ 2nd R' U' R U' R' U' R/ 3rd U F' U' F/ 4th (could have been preserved with rotation + sledge) R' M2 U' F' U F...
  7. RMcDonald

    New to cubing, so hooked already

    Hi all! First post here, my name is Ralan. I'm a new cuber (~1 month) from Australia. I got the newer model of Rubik's Cube (the kind the turns a bit better) to have something to play with while studying Games Design. I decided that since I now owned a proper cube (I already had the...
  8. Shreyas NT

    My first cubing vine! ( That feeling inside when you break your PB)

    I KNOW IT'S FREAKING 10 Seconds LOL :D but still...xD is it good? :) and i feel it's very relatable to me :cool: so just gimme your thoughts and i'll try to improve :) Subscribe to me for more ! MxzNIZtbPUI
  9. Ultimate Cuber

    [Unofficial] (1:16.72) New 4x4 PB - Ultimate Cuber Until now I haven't really practiced much on the 4x4 so I'm still pretty slow. What's your 4x4 average?
  10. yoshinator

    [Unofficial] 4x4- 39.70 avg12 (first sub-40 avg12) I know that this is pretty slow by comparison to kcuber's recent video, but I'm still pretty pumped. Tips or whatever would be appreciated. Thanks for watching! Also, the video's not up yet, so... be patient. Around 40 minutes from the time of posting this...
  11. yoshinator

    [Unofficial] 34.07 4x4 single and reconstruction video Video reconstruction Written reconstruction
  12. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] Rubik's Cube With Feet PB Mean of 3: 1:27.402 and PB Single 1:07.544!

    I have been practicing feet a ton since I have placed at Indiana. I am really happy to get this mean of 3! It is my first sub 1:30 mean of 3! I believe that I can sub 1 a mean of 3 by the end of the year, although it may not be on camera. I think feet is going to officially be my event that I...
  13. Hovair

    [Unofficial] 6x6 Solve 7:13.23

    This is a really good solve for me. I would really like some advice and tell me how can I do beter. This is my 10th 6x6 solve. I am really getting into big cubes now. Thank you! Btw The cube is a Shengshou 6x6.
  14. Hovair

    [Unofficial] 2x2 solve 2.00

    I beat my old personal best on accident. I was doing my normal method to solve a side first ad then all I had to do was do a down turn. dWxFaZNVf2I
  15. collinbxyz

    First Competition - 11 year old

    I am 11, and I am going to my first comp! I am not that good, and don't expect to do too great, but I am willing to have fun! My Lucky PB is 22.98 and my Non-lucky PB is 23.73, although I average somewhere around 35-40 seconds. =[ Does anybody have advice so I can easily do better in the next...