1. K

    Rubik's Tower Parts 2x2x4 OEM

    Like new Rubiks Tower Parts OEM on Ebay. Cube Lot: Internal Part 1:
  2. K

    Selling Yuxin 5x5 Parts (AUS Cubers Only)

    Hi Im Selling Some Yuxin 5x5 Parts Contact Me For Price And Pictures I Have All Parts So Dont Stress
  3. joshsolves

    Yuxin 4x4 outer center needed!!

    I am looking for a yuxin 4x4 center piece because one of mine broke.
  4. SnipeCube

    Selling/Trading Cubes

    Hello everyone, I trying to sell most of my collection. I only use a select amount of cubes, and the other are just collecting dust. This is a list of the cubes: Hand made black c4u 1x1 - $2 Black pillowed qj 3x3 - $4 (3) Black Rubik's brands - $4 each Black Rubik's DIY - $6 50mm black...
  5. B

    Need a replacement center cap for my Alpha V

    If you have one or know of a place where I can find a replacement that would be great. I would really rather not buy a whole new puzzle and new tiles from cubesmith just because I'm missing a stupid center cap. I lost my cap in my girlfriend's car and we can't find it. She just cleaned out her...
  6. TheOnlyNameless

    Fun things to do with 3x3 Spare parts?

    I recently broke my 3x3 core, and now i have a load of spare parts lying around. Apart from fixing it (i have better cubes) does anyone know any fun things that you can do/make?
  7. Austinator414

    Shengshou 5x5 for Spare Parts

    I have a shengshou 5x5 with a broken core in a plastic bag and I don't know what to do with it. I can sell it to anybody who wants to buy it for pretty cheap, if you live in the continental U.S. Thanks!
  8. Raiz

    [Help Thread] Where to get spare parts for your cubes?

    Where can i get spare parts for my cubes?
  9. L

    V-Cube 7 Replacement Parts For Sale *CHEAP*

    I have received questions regarding weather or not Vcube7parts is still open for business. Vcube7parts IS still open, and we have no plans in closing the shop anytime soon. Thank you to all of you that have brought up this question! 50 orders sent out as of May 26th, 2012! Thank you everyone...
  10. rubixwiz031

    Selling V-Cube 7 parts

    Hello. I am fairly new to the forum, and I am selling white V-Cube 7 parts. Just go to this link to find out the names of the pieces. I will be able to send the piece to you with a sticker if you would like AND...
  11. brandbest1

    I need an Eastsheen 4x4 core!

    is anybody willing to give away their eastsheen 4x4 core? pm me. DON'T YELL AT ME
  12. R

    Xcube parts???

    i snapped a piece on my Xcube 7x7 and i can't find any way to get a replacement! what do i do???? :(
  13. Hovair

    Eastsheen 4x4 parts for sale (great for modding)

    Hello everybody one of the corners of my eastsheen 4x4 broke so I will not be throwing it away. the rest of the 4x4 pecies are in great shape so they will be for sale. There will only be seven corners for sale These peices would be great for modding. iErNKUQg_SU
  14. G

    4x4x4 Eastsheen Parts

    does anybody have 2 r(or l idk) shaped internal pieces that i can buy from them?