1. Jack Muise

    Where can I buy a blue Dayan Panshi?

    I've been looking everywhere to find a blue dayan panshi but it seems like every site I find is all sold out. Anyone have any ideas? Though I'm not sure if it is in stock on dayan's website, I'd prefer to not go through their 3-4 weeks shipping time so other suggestions would be appreciated...
  2. HoooneyGuy

    Does anyone have a good Panshi?

    I bought 3 Panshi cubes last month and they were horribe,I tried to lubricate them after breaking in,but it didn't work.They pop very often and lock up.When I'm using them I've got the feeling,that they could pop in the middle of every turn.I asked some people about their Pansi and they said...
  3. T

    Is there something wrong with my Panshi?

    I got a DIY Panshi from LightTake. I hate the thing, and before I write it off, I wanted to know if what I'm experiencing is normal, or if I've screwed something up. The cube is lightly lubed with 50k wt Ofna in both core and cubettes. Without turning it, the cube feels loose and mushy---like...
  4. C

    Speedcubing has no future... It's fading away...

    :( Hmmm... Let's be honest for a minute or two... The speedcube world is fading... DYING as a matter of fact! Just think about it: - There are less and less cubers on competitions worldwide, - There are less and less speedcubing video blogers, - All...
  5. cannon4747

    Comparing all my 3x3s in the order I got them

    I decided to do 10 of 12's on all my 3x3's to see where they lie. I'm starting with the ones I still have in the order I got them (that I remember). I wanna see how they compare for me (I average about 19-20 secs on my zhanchi/lingyun). on all the old cubes I simply lubricated with a squirt of...
  6. Raiz

    [Help Thread] Where to get spare parts for your cubes?

    Where can i get spare parts for my cubes?