1. Noahaha

    [US NR] Noah Arthurs 36.69 3BLD

    I moved seats because I DNFed the first two in the same chair. I have no explanation for why my execution was so fast or why my memo was so slow. Don't worry about the noise... I was the only one solving. Cube: Modded FangCun Method: 3-style Blindfold: Custom from Competition: Yale...
  2. Noahaha

    Noah's Blindfolded Tutorial

    Hey Guys! The five parts of my new 3BLD tutorial will be coming out over the next five Wednesdays on the Cubing World channel. My goal with this tutorial is to provide people with a strong base in memorization that can take them to sub-2 without having to change any techniques. I hope this gets...
  3. Noahaha

    [Unofficial] Noah Arthurs 6:03.65 4BLD

    U B R2 B2 L2 R' f L2 f B2 u f' r u' r D2 R f2 L2 D' U2 L2 R2 u' R2 u' R F2 u F f L' f D u2 r2 U' f U L2 You might not be able to tell, but I was shaking a LOT towards the end. Memo took 3:04 (slow for me). Execution starts at 3:35 Cube: modded SS V3 Method: Comms (I did a little bit...
  4. Noahaha

    [Unofficial] Noah Arthurs 7:24.09 4BLD

    B2 r' D F' R2 f2 L' D r' F L2 f' U L R' F' U' B u2 R' L' U2 L R2 f' r' U2 f L' U' u r2 f' R' D2 f2 B' R' u2 U' Cube: modded SS V3 Method: Comms I really need to work on my centers lol Safety memo by about 30 seconds, and I slowed down execution a little because I was nervous.
  5. Noahaha

    [Unofficial] Noah Arthurs 43.62 Match the Scramble

    Just for fun: B2 R2 D F2 R2 F2 D2 B2 U L2 D R' B L2 D2 R F L B' F2 L2 Could have been a lot better if I didn't get so tripped up by parity :/
  6. Noahaha

    [Unofficial] Noah Arthurs 42.65 3BLD Avg5 with 34.55 Single

    Average of 5: 42.65 1. 44.63 F' B R2 F2 L' D' B2 R' D' R2 D2 L2 F2 L2 F D2 F' U2 F' U2 2. (34.55) L2 B2 L2 F2 U2 L2 U R2 B2 L2 D2 B' D' R2 F D' L F R B F' 3. 41.11 B R2 B U2 L2 D2 F2 U2 B D2 B' L' B' D' U2 F' U2 R B' R D' 4. (DNF(46.74)) R2 D2 B U2 F' D2 B' F2 U2 F L F2 D' F2 U' B R2 B2 R'...
  7. Noahaha

    Noah's BLD Tutorials

    Hey guys! So I'm going to be making a whole bunch of BLD tutorials in the next few months. Although I will be posting them on the CubingWorld channel, I'll also be updating this thread with them, so you guys can leave your comments and suggestions. Sometime in November I will be coming out with...