1. PandaCuber

    Am I in the right track?

    I make this into a new thread, because I would like multiple responses or even some advice would be lovely. And idk who to talk to about this. I am in the process of learning BLD solving and I would like to know if im the right track. I use Old Pochmann for corners and edges. So what I...
  2. PandaCuber

    Late Introduction

    Hi my name is Bryan(: So ive been noticing that people have been introducing themselves when they entered the forum and I didnt do that. :fp A little bit about myself? I lived in US for all my life(16 years) and then we moved to Uruguay(South America). So if there are any spanish cubers...
  3. PandaCuber

    [Unofficial] Sub 1 min Roux

    Um....why did I take so long? Lol Im slow..
  4. PandaCuber

    Cubing Under Pressure!?

    So I went to my local hardware store to find some silicone for my cube and I asked the guy that worked there. Well after not finding the can, he asked me what it was for. I told him im a cuber and I need some for my cube...Next thing I know i was surrounded by workers. They asked my to solve...
  5. PandaCuber

    Beginners Time.

    Well I havent been cubing for long and I would like to post my times in a place were there arent sub 15 second times lol. Average: 50.25 Average of 3: 48.26 Standard Deviation: 5.98 1. 48.99 2. 51.89 3. 44.46 4. 58.13 5. 47.73 6. 58.79 7. 47.13 8. 43.33 9. 57.80 10. 56.77 11...