muscle memory

  1. Llewelys

    Muscle memory

    Warning: This post won’t end the way you think it will (not clickbait) My goal for the next half of 2019 is *drum rolls* to get sub 20. I just did a 22.46 ao12 and here are the splits: Cross/F2L/LL : 2.80 / 12.10 / 7.55 I know I can shave off up to 1.5-2 seconds of the LL stage by working on...
  2. badmephisto

    Rubik's Cube sightings in media

    To my surprise I found cubes in the biggest Toronto newspaper today (Metro), on page #2. Millions of people here read it. Thats the exposure that we need! :D pic: It got me wondering about exactly how much exposure it is getting...