1. rybaby

    [NAR] Mark Boyanowski - 24/24 Multi-BLD 54:45

    Second to last NAR from 2013 beaten! Good job!
  2. Meneghetti

    [Unofficial] 14/15 MBLD 54:34.44[41:44.55] (Diego Meneghetti)

    Not 100%, but still PB :) First time using 3-style in MBLD!
  3. Meneghetti

    [Brazilian NR] 12/12 55:26 MBLD - Diego Meneghetti

    second in South America! :D
  4. Ollie

    [UK NR] Multi BLD 19/21 in 50:24 - Ollie Frost

    inb4 no-one cares :P but I'm quite proud of this and I'm actually enjoying multi again. Safety solve
  5. Noahaha

    [NAR] Tim Wong 23/25 56:53 MBLD (3rd in the World)

    Those scrambles were really difficult.
  6. Coolster01

    [Official] 8/8 Multi BLD in 59:46! PB!

    Sorry this is kinda old, but figured I should upload here because this is one of my biggest accomplishments in cubing history. Haha, I barely made it on time! Not only was this an official PB, but also an overall PB! Previous unofficial PB was 4/5 in 49 minutes, official was 4/6. HUGE...
  7. Noahaha

    The 5 Cube Challenge (MultiBLD)

    The goal of this thread is to add 5 cubes to your MBLD result in a month. I think that the problem right now with MBLD is that most people are too lazy to practice, so hopefully this thread will motivate some people, including me, to practice some multi. The only requirements are that you can do...
  8. DennisStrehlau

    [Unofficial] Dennis Strehlau- BLD Relay - 3x3/3x3/3x3/4x4/4x4/4x4

    Scrambles from weekly competition 2012-35 1. D L2 D R2 B2 D' F2 D2 L2 D' B2 F' R' B U R2 D' R D L' R2 2. B2 D' B2 D F2 L2 R2 U2 R2 B2 L2 R' D' L B D R D' F2 D' 3. L2 U F2 D2 U B2 U' B2 F2 L' F2 U' B' D2 U' L2 F' L R 1. L' Rw' Fw2 D B2 D Uw2 Rw2 R Fw' U2 B2 Uw U2 L D L2 D2 Fw2 F' R2 U2 Rw...
  9. Mikel

    [Unofficial] 5/5 Multi Blind 34:27.23 -Brandon Mikel

    Memo: Letter pair images/stories for edges and corners Execution: OP corners, M2 edges This is my best multi blind result! Now I will have to get some more cubes :)
  10. Noahaha

    [Official] Harvard Spring 4/7 fail MBLD in 58:11

    2:00 for solving. Method: M2/OP Cubes: 3 Zhanchis 3 Guhongs 1 Lunhui I definitely had more trouble concentrating than usual. Disappointing given that my last three attempts were all 7/7. Thanks for judging, Rowe...
  11. Pendragon

    [Unofficial] 3x3x3 multi blind: 3/3 in 28:32.97

    <iframe width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> link on youtube this is currently my personal best wih multi blind, any tip? (today i tried 4 cubes but i did 2/4 because i forgot 2 corners >.< )
  12. Micael

    Race to 15/15 multi-BLD

    Hi, I would enjoy a "Race to 15/15 multi-BLD" and thought others would too. Hence, I offer to organize a race to sub-60:00 15/15. For people passionate by multi, you know how engaging this event is, emotionally and mentally. There is those down times and it tooks determination and...