mirror blocks

  1. TheSeppomania

    [Unofficial] [UWR] 33.80 - Ghost Cube

    I have to improve my lookahead more ^^ 33.80 F' U2 F' R U L B' R2 B L2 B2 D' R2 D R2 B2 D B
  2. TheSeppomania

    [Unofficial] [UWR] 5x5 Mirror Blocks - 3:53.02

    I did a hand-scramble this time, because using a normal scramble would take over 3 minutes. It's the first sub 4 I got on this puzzles til now, but I guess sub 3 should be possible with a bit of practice.
  3. TheSeppomania

    [Unofficial] [UWR] Mirror Blocks 9.83

    The biggest goal i set for m. I remember three years ago then I said I would quit speedcubing, when I reach this mark.... (9.83) B2 U L2 B2 F2 R' F' R2 D' U F' R D U' B2 L2 F2 R' F D' R F' D L F2
  4. TheSeppomania

    [Unofficial] Mirror-Morphix Solve

    just did a timed solve with my handmade puzzle. i think there exist less than 5 of this cubes at the moment ;)
  5. BoBoGuy

    [Unofficial] Mirror blocks 12.86

    Finally sub-13!:D
  6. K

    Selling Various Puzzles USA Only

    1: QJ Black Megaminx 2: Knockoff 5x5 3: Gold/black Mirror cube 4: White shengshou 4x4 5: C4U white 3x3x4 6: Eastsheen 4x4 knockoff (disassembled) 7: 3x3 ball All are in great condition (almost brand new), if you would like i can pre-lube them with CRC, Megaminx, SS 4x4 C4U 3x3x4 come with...
  7. S

    Where to buy puzzles in Singapore?

    hey guys i live in singapore (hence the name) and i have no idea where to buy any non cubic shaped puzzles. (megaminx..... pyraminx tetraminx skewb ultimate whatever) what is a good place to get a good quality puzzle? and, where do i get the rubik's mirror blocks cube? (weird thing is...