1. ThatLucas

    [Review] Cyclone Boys G8 8x8 Review In One Minute

    I saw that there weren't that many videos on the Cyclone Boys G8 8x8, so I made one!
  2. P

    One Minute Challenge

    Basically a mini-challenge between cubers here to see how many 3x3's you can solve in one minute relay-style. The idea is that this can improve your flow between completing one cube and going onto another. Got lot's of 3x3's lying around gathering dust? Suck at MBLD? See how many you can...
  3. Fire Cuber

    Sub-1 Minute 4x4 Race

    The rules are easy - I give you 5 scrambles, you take out the best and the worst, and average the remaining ten. If you get three consecutive weeks in a row sub-1 average, please go away from this thread and show off. . Who can join? Everyone who rarely gets sub-1 Minute on 4x4. I will...