1. C

    Anyone play Minecraft hypixel?

    So, me and @Etotheipi are thinking about starting a little skyblock coop on a Minecraft server called hypixel. If you want to join it, or play hypixel in the first place, just respond!
  2. TheSquareOne

    Speed Solving Logo in Minecraft

    Random enough post, but my brother and I created the Speed Solving Logo in Minecraft. Here’s the entire world if anyone wants to edit or fly around! :) http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/speed-solving-logo/ I hope this is the right place to post this; I didn’t feel any other...
  3. Veerexx

    MISC: Rubik's Cube in Minecraft

    Hi all, Some of you out there may be interested in seeing this cube that Sethbling has finally gotten around to making in Minecraft. It may interest some of you out there, so here you go: I wonder how fast you could solve this thing...
  4. B

    Minecraft Cube

    I found a picture today of a shirt that has a 3x3x3 on it, and all the stickers are blocks from Minecraft. So I made it my mission to make myself one of these! The sticker icons I chose were Creeper's Face Dirt TNT Cobblestone Diamond Ore Sand Whaddya think? Imma make it no matter...