1. abunickabhi

    How to get sub - X in 3x3 Blindfolded

    Targets covered: Sub-2 Sub-1 Sub-30 Hope it helps!
  2. Bldnoob

    Roman rooms vs journey method?

    I have been practicing using turbo/op to solve 3bld. I have a lot of trouble in the memorization faze I want to eventually move into multibld but I wanted to see what the community had to say wether roman rooms is better or should I transfer into the journey method.
  3. IAmAPerson

    Pyraminx Blindfolded?

    Hey! I personally love pyraminx, and since it's such a simple puzzle, I thought it'd be cool to learn to solve it blindfolded! However, because not too many people do pyraminx, and fewer blindsolve it, my searches have come up mainly empty. I solved it once BLD, but it was extremely lucky. I...
  4. Kenneth

    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    Use this thread for short BLD questions. (I was looking for it but did not see one, if there is? please let me know and I merge). -------------------------- Well, my question, TuRBo, is it only a edge method or did anyone develop the same for corners? (I'm looking at it atm, this is...