1. L

    WCA World Championship 2019-Melbourne Australia July 11-14

    January 15th edit: The site is up! November 2nd edit: Speedcubing Australia has posted on their Facebook page that it will indeed be held July 11-14! August 29th Edit: Its in Melbourne! They applied...
  2. FastCubeMaster

    Lifestyle Seasons Winter 2015

    Lifestyle seasons winter 2015 is on August 1st, in Melbourne. The competitor limit has been reached but this is the place to chat or ask questions about the competition. (Yes, I am going) FastCubeMaster
  3. SoLarisAU

    Melbourne Big Cubes Open 2012

    Next Comp is going to be in six weeks from now. the event are as follows: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and finally 7x7. To answer some questions yes no 2x2 because this is a comp for big cubes. Two there are only going to be 2 rounds of 3x3 ie: firsts round then a final. Three please email me...
  4. M

    Hey Guys :)

    Hey, how is everyone? I just turned 17 a couple of weeks back and am from Melbourne, Australia. I have just started cubing after getting a Rubiks brand cube as a christmas present and I'm REALLY enjoying it haha. My PB so far is 40.67 but i got lucky a little at the end (PLL skip) My best...
  5. SoLarisAU

    *NEW* Melbourne Competition Layout

    New layout for comps second draft: (These layouts are subject to change both numbers of rounds and events) (Optimal 1 day comps) Type 1: *Blind* 13 or 14 rounds total* 2x2 - 1 rounds + Finals - 2 3x3 - 2 rounds + Finals - 3 4x4 - 1 rounds + Finals - 2 Blind - 1 rounds + Finals - 2...
  6. Faz

    Selling some cubes - Melbourne

    Hey, here are the cubes I'm selling. You can buy them from me at a meetup or at a competition. And @ TimMc or anyone else it concerns - To my knowledge, I haven't received any of these cubes for free or as a prize. :p All cubes are black unless otherwise stated. Lanlan 2x2 - basically new - $5...
  7. D

    Hey Cubers ;D

    Hi all, Im Dilan, 15 attending Melbourne High School next year. Got into cubing on term 1 holidays. Currently have a C4U White Speedcube. I know beginners and Intuitive F2L, slowly learning OLL and PLL. I average 40.57 seconds and my fastest is 27 seconds (fluked it). Oh, and i ordered a...