1. Waffles

    Is option select worth it?

    How many people option-select during 3x3 solves and does it make it any faster/easier to solve from there on? And is it worth learning multiple methods to the point that you’re comfortable using them with less than 8 seconds of inspection? The methods that I think are worth using are: CFOP...
  2. Cubing Forever

    How I learn algs quickly!! | My personal progress thread | Quest to sub 15 with Mehta | Grinding Solves | Enjoying slidysim | 15 puzzle is fun!! |

    So, this is an ordinary progress thread where I'll update my weekly progress. Averages: 3x3: 16 Method: Mehta Main: Qiyi Warrior S 2x2: 3.5 Method: Ortega Main: YJ YuPo v2 M OH: 32-33 Method: YruRU Main: QiYi Warrior S