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  1. Julio974

    [Help Thread] Master magic stuck in a 2-swap

    I know Master Magic isn’t popular these days, but I got one (PB: 4.26 after 2 days of training), and it’s now stuck with 2 groups of 2 tiles needing to be exchanged (image under). I tried almost everything I could know (get it in a special position, descramble it, etc.). Does anyone have an idea...
  2. A

    Magic Madness Competition

  3. Iggy

    [Unofficial] Master Magic avg of 5 - 3.42

    3.24, (3.09), 3.22, (8.32), 3.80 = 3.42 Tied the NR average! Also subbed the NR single in the video. Could've been better though. The 8 really blew it.
  4. M

    How to make a Homemade Master Magic

    Hyi7VsovEe4&feature=plcp yep.
  5. antoineccantin

    [Unofficial] 2.12 Master Magic avg5 with 2.01, 2.00, 1.99 and 1.98 singles - Antoine Cantin

    m0ZofVpPfos Times: 2.12, (2.11), 2.12, (3.96), (2.11) Singles: 2.01, 2.00, 1.99, 1.98 I'm getting back in to Master Magic after a break of a couple months! It took me about 400 solves to get an avg5 with only one messup -_-
  6. brandbest1

    How to Solve a Master Magic Tutorial

    Yes. 6 such methods.