1. PerfectSledge

    [Help Thread] Mgc 2x2M vs Little Magic 2x2M

    Which one should be better to start off with? Mgc 2x2 M or the Yuxin Little Magic 2x2 M This would be my first 2x2 and my first magnetic puzzle. Put down your thoughts they will really help me choosing a better one. I already average SUB 25 on 3x3.
  2. molarmanful

    My Magic Black Box Rubik's Cube Scrambler (lolvideo)

    Project Black Box: Instant Scramblers (lolvideo series) New developments that will revolutionize scrambling forever! All packed in a nice black box. V1: V2: Any suggestions for improving the scrambler will be greatly appreciated! I plan on adding more puzzle scrambles and a way to output...
  3. SpeedCubeReview

    Cube magic

    I Am trying to figure out how he did this. Any thoughts?
  4. A

    Magic Madness Competition

  5. MaikeruKonare

    Twisty Puzzle Magic Tricks

    By posting this I hope to trigger your imaginations, come up with some cool magic trick ideas! Here is my magic trick with my 4x4x4 cube. Let me know what you think, and post your own!
  6. Iggy

    [Unofficial] 1.96 Master Magic Single

    Been getting solves like this a lot lately. My PB is 1.86. Now I just have to do this at a competition before next year...
  7. Iggy

    [Unofficial] 2.60 Master Magic Average

    2.50, 2.52, (3.25), 2.78, (2.21) = 2.60 Subbed both NRs.
  8. Iggy

    [Official] Master Magic Average - 3.15 + 2.59 Single

    3.41, 2.75, 2.83, 3.22, 7.22 = 3.15 Still no NR. Average sucked, single was okay. Done at Taylor's Cube Open 2012.
  9. N

    [Unofficial] Dynamo and the Rubik's cube (Magic trick)

    Scramble: White on U and Green on F B2 L2 R B2 D2 L R' F' D B' F' L D U' R B2 L R' Solve: :p
  10. brandbest1

    [Unofficial] Rubik's Magic Average of 5: 0.88

  11. Ágoston Török

    [Unofficial] Rubik's Magic NR (0.80 2x in a row) with slowmo (2010)

    This is the Hungarian National Record made in 2010 by Bodor Bálint (Rubik's Magic). It still hasn't been beaten! This is an old video, but I reedited it with slow motion.
  12. M

    [Unofficial] Ishmam Mirza - 2.13 Master Magic solve

    It's not even that good, but getting sub-2.10 in front of camera is so hard -__-
  13. brandbest1

    [Unofficial] Rubik's Magic Average of 5: 0.97

    I better not see any comments about how I stopped the timer.
  14. Iggy

    [Unofficial] Magic Average of 5 - 1.83

    1.76, 1.79, (1.73), 1.89, (1.99) That's my average.
  15. brandbest1

    [Official] SJC Winter 2012 Magic Solves

  16. antoineccantin

    [Unofficial] Antoine Cantin: Master Magic 2.07 single + other good times

  17. MovingOnUp

    Is real/trusted?

    I was looking to buy a master magic and found this: My first question is, Do you think it would be safe to buy this? It seems to cheap to be able to not be a scam. Everywhere else they are like 10$...
  18. antoineccantin

    Race to sub 2.5 Master Magic

    So as the title says, this is a race to sub 2.5 Master Magic. And yes, I know about this thread. I will try to update this every week, unless only 1 person participated (than I wait till 2 people have). Do 12 solves and have fun!
  19. brandbest1

    How to Solve a Master Magic Tutorial

    Yes. 6 such methods.
  20. brandbest1

    a cubing poem

    In ELA class I thought up this cubing-related poem based off the format of the assignment in class. Here it is: I am an avid cuber I wonder when I'll be sub-20 I hear the clicking of my Lubix Fusion I see twisted magics I want to get the national magic record I am an avid cuber. I...