1. M

    [Help Thread] MoYU LingPo HELP!

    I need help with my moyu lingpo ive broke it in and lubed it and after i lubed it i noticed some catching/ bumping inside the internal pieces! Please help and give me your opinion on how to fix it!
  2. plusCubed

    MoYu 2x2-4x4 Unboxing: LingPo, AoLong, AoSu

    Unboxing of MoYu's latest 2x2-4x4 lineup. It's been a few days since filming that, and so far I'm loving the cubes, especially the AoSu. All feedback is appreciated!
  3. CriticalCubing

    [Review] MoYu LingPo 2x2x2

    Hello All! This thread is for the Review of Moyu LingPo. Please vote on the poll above if you already own this cube. When posting your review, follow this pattern Where the puzzle was purchased? When the puzzle was purchased Your thoughts on this puzzle Once again, post your review and vote...
  4. BadProP

    [Help Thread] Is my cube / puzzle a dud?

    Hi Everyone I recently bought my first brand new Dayan Zhanchi 3x3 from a supplier on E-Bay. When I received the cube within the first few seconds of play it popped. I re-assembled the cube and a few minutes later it popped again. After numerous pops I approached google, Youtube and the...