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  1. (R)

    Trading V-Cube 6 and 7 for shenshou 6x6 and lan lan 7x7

    PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE TITLE, IT IS OUTDATED I have one lightly used black V6 that I would like to sell is missing one white sticker and is unmodded. If you would prefer I can sticker it with my half bright set coming soon. As for the 7x7, it is a well used white 7x7 that I want to sell. It...
  2. MangoTangoFox

    Did I choose correctly?

    So as of now, all I own is a heavily modded Rubik's 3x3. Its actually surprisingly good after the mods I did, for being store bought. Anyway, I decided to buy some real puzzles. I got a Lan Lan 2x2 White, Guhong 6-Color, Guhong White, and a Shengshou 4x4 White. I'd like to know if I made any...
  3. blackzabbathfan

    Lan Lan 2x2

    Hi everyone!! I have a problem with my Lan Lan 2x2. While solving an internal edge popped , I then disassembled but because of the size of the corner caps, i couldn't pop the last edge back in. I couldn't take of the caps so I thought I'd come here and ask for help. So i was just...
  4. CuberKyle

    needs help, 4x4ish puzzle center pairing

    The Lan Lan Scopperill is giving me trouble. i have all the centers done besides for 2 adjacent switched center pieces. anyone know how to fix this?:fp The red and yellow pieces need to be switched, only the two in the front.
  5. dacubeful1

    [Review] LanLan 4x4x4

    This thread is for reviews of the LanLan 4x4x4. You can vote in the poll above, but please only vote if you own this particular puzzle. When posting your review, please follow a template similar to this: Where the puzzle was purchased: When the puzzle was purchased: Thoughts on the puzzle...
  6. P

    Easy Mod for the Lan Lan 2x2

    Put mini diansheng springs into your lan lan, and omfg your'e done! (Remember you only need 3.)
  7. P

    Lan Lan 2x2 easy mod

    Put mini diansheng springs into your lan lan, and omfg your'e done!