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    How To Make This Case SUPER EASY! | F2L Trick

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    How To Do N Perms

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    Smash Ultimate Tournament!

    There are 6 more days until my Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament! The prize will be a $10 gift card to TheCubicle. The details about the tournament will be here:
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    How To Easily Do This TERRIBLE F2L Case!

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    I Made A Discord Server......(Again)

    Join here: https://discord.gg/wNgQ3vw Video about it:
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    How to do Ra Perm | In-depth Tutorial!

    Please comment down below if you would like a 3x3 notation tutorial, because I will happily make one. Also remember that if you want to see a certain part of the video, then please check the timestamps on the time bar thing (It shows how far you are through the video). If you enjoyed the video...
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    QiYi MS 3x3 Review But I'm Australian!

    G'day mates! In this video I review the QiYi MS 3x3. It's overall an amazing cube, but you should watch the video for more detail. SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ui... Question of the Day: Are YOU Australian?
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    Cat Solves Rubik's Cube In THREE SECONDS! (here's why) (this is what happened next) (gone wrong)

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    [Q&A #2] Why Don't I Use Roux?

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    [GBA3 #3] All The Dot OLL's!

    This is the third episode in the series where I do everything I can to get better at 3x3 (GBA3). In this episode, I finally finished all of the dot OLL's, which only leaves me with 7 more OLL's to go. Although I am nearing the end of OLL, that does not mean that this series will end. I will move...
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    Easiest Scramble EVER! | 9.99 3x3 Single Reconstruction!

    While I was watching the #monkeyleague pre-season, I got an insanely lucky scramble. I got a 9.99 on it, and although it wasn't my PB, it was very lucky, and after trying it again, I got an 8.47. Please subscribe and leave a like if you want to see more content! Question of the Day: What was...
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    QiYi MS 3x3 UNBOXING & First Impressions!

    In this video, I unbox the QiYi MS 3x3: a recent budget release by QiYi. This cube ends up being amazing, and I would recommend it to any cuber at any level. This is the definition of an economy cube. I was planning to make this a quick, low effort video, but I couldn't resist editing further. I...
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    [GBA3 #1] The Awkward Shapes!

    So yes, I've started a new series. In this series I will be doing everything I can to get better at 3x3. This can include soles, tips, algs or anything else that seems useful. If you enjoy these types of videos, then please leave a like and subscribe!
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    Official 16.40 3x3 Single

    I am trying to get 150 subscribers before 2020. Lets make it happen!
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    Rubiks Cube Etch A Sketch!

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    100 Subscriber Special!

    So I recently hit 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel, and I made a video for the occasion. It is called, "Cubing In Reverse," and you can probably tell what it is about. Please consider checking it out and subscribing!
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    So I'm doing a giveaway on my YT channel for an MF3RS, that has been setup by me. I have a video explaining how you can enter, so please consider checking it out!