1. J

    Ideas to destroy my Rubiks cube

    I have a Rubiks cube that I want to destroy in a fun way, I was thinking either blowtorch, blackpowder, shooting it with a potato cannon or running over it with a car. If you have any ideas tell me, and tell me which one you would want to see.
  2. E

    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread

    Please read before posting I'm making this thread for all of those ideas you have that are interesting, yet are not fully developed. This is a place to post them. I have come up with many ideas and didn't want to post a new thread for every one of them when most don't get very far. Perhaps if...
  3. M

    Science Fair ideas that incorporate cubing

    Hi everyone, My science fair is coming up in December, and I thought it would be cool to have a project about cubes/cubing. If you have any ideas that can accommodate the following, it'd be very much appreciated: >1-3 months of research >A topic that will intrigue judges, and it can be...
  4. collinbxyz

    Community Made Cubing Website - Anyone Can Help

    Note: I did talk to Pat about this before making the thread. Mods can move this thread to a different section, but Pat even said, "Sure, go ahead and make a thread for it. I'd suggest off-topic or general cubing discussion." This thread is for those who would like to contribute to a...