1. Llewelys

    [Help Thread] Looking for a cubing buddy?

    My latest avg 100 is 23.xx, so I’m looking for someone with a similar average. The goal here is to create a healthy competition and see who’ll reach sub 20 first (a litteral race to sub20). We’ll talk via PM of our progress, difficulties and of course share advice. I’m working a full time job...
  2. M

    Creating a speedcubing group for my country

    Hello I want to create a cubing group in my country I need help about how to advertise it What expenses will I face Making people join And everything in general I want to organize a competition first So I seem somewhat competent to owning this speedcubing club And advice or help will be appreciated
  3. P

    Help us solve this puzzle

    Hello, We have received this paper with the instruction:"Find the monster". That's all we have, the people making these puzzles usually make it pretty hard and weird so it's probably not a very easy one.
  4. A

    GTS3M concerns

    I recently got a GTS3M, but for some reason it barely corner cuts. It cuts around 2/3 of a cubie regular and 1/3 reverse. I've heard really good things about this cube's corner cutting and was wondering if you need to do some setup or what; I'm a little concerned. If it helps, I got it from...
  5. N

    [Help Thread] Hard sub-30

    So, I am a CFOP solver. I use full PLL and 2-look OLL with almost full OLL, mening, i know more than half of the OLL algorithms. I found out that medium TPS makes my times slower, my max tps, around 4 to 6 tps, makes me 4 to 5 seconds faster, and calm solving, meaning, almost slow solving, for...
  6. M

    Looking for a coach

    Hello, I average about 20 seconds on 3x3x (CFOP), and was wondering if there's anyone who would be willing to coach me. Thank y'all in advance! P.S. I don't wanna spend 20 bucks on one video review from jayden McNeill. :D
  7. C

    [Member Intro] Charoeth Introduction

    Im Charoeth, and I'm from the USA. Many people on this server are very fast at solving the cube but right now my average is around 4 minutes. I want to learn the CFOP method but so far I'm not having a lot of luck. If anyone could suggest an easier method or message me tips to learning that...
  8. J

    Gan air s with clicky sound, plz help

    could anyone tell me how to fix a clicky sound on my gan? i know that i dont need to sand it down and there are no magnet problems(its not a sm) and ive put a lot of lube on it.
  9. LightFlame_

    A New Yet Old Puzzle

    (Heads up, I don't actually know where to put this post, so I just put it here. If this is incorrect, then PM me with the correct folder to put this thread in. I need help with this puzzle, so I figured this would be the best place to call for help.) So, let's rewind to 2016. I was traveling...