1. SollsIsCool

    Mastermorphix last layer help

    Im able to get to last layer, I do oll, then pll but I always get a bunch of different parities! Most common ones are 2 edge swap or 2 corner swap. Usually I just do a bunch of old and hope I get lucky but what is the proper way to do it? Thanks!
  2. S

    Method Progression Routes/Guides

    A thread to map out recommended progression routes for various methods. Meant to give beginner/intermediate cubers clear progression to learning methods.
  3. M

    [Member Intro] Looking for people to talk to essentially

    Hi! I'm Matt, I have a kinda interesting cubing story, although i feel it is one that many of you will relate to. I remember as a kid i always wanted a rubik's cube, then eventually i got one, then on the day i got it my sister messed it up and it sat on my desk for years unsolved, I...
  4. Luke Solves Cubes

    Need Help With Cstimer Sessions

    I am using csTimer+ and I wanted to change my session name. I clicked on the word session like how you normally change a session name and then the session option dissapeared. Here is the image.
  5. Eli Satterfield

    Megaminx Method Questions

    So I was wondering, what are the best/most popular algorithms and methods for megaminx? Right now I’m averaging around 5:00, and looking to improve as much as I can before summer comps. Any help is appreciated thanks.
  6. CornerTwisted

    If you would please fill out this form, it would be of much help

    I am starting a proffesional setup service, and I wanted to ask yall questions about it.
  7. Elly

    The newest site to help cubers at any level

    Hey! Six months ago I started working on a project which is coding a site to help everyone who needs it. And after a lot of effort, I am done with it! The site is published under the name Cubing Planet! It has a lot of pages with everything made by me - even writing the code! The link is...
  8. Waffles

    Help choosing a method (advanced)

    Which method should I use as my main method? CFOP: Pros: used it for ages, I’m quite fast at f2l Cons: boring, lookahead fails me sometimes and I’m not good at cross LEOR: Pros: seems pretty interesting and I feel like I’d get reasonable times with it Cons: it’s the method I’ve looked into the...
  9. Cubing Forever

    Discord bot needed

    As the title says, I need a discord bot that generates any number of scrambles for any WCA event. Sorta like discord^3 but without the timer part. If you can help me code it or code it yourself, please do help. Thank you and happy cubing!!
  10. DaString

    My 3x3 session turned into my Skewb session in cs timer

    İ'm using Brave browser and Cs timer + add on. I opened Brave ,it re opens the sites when you open it up. It was in skewb session I changed it to the 3x3 and 3x3 session turned into skewb session. There was about 900 solves on 3x3 session and all gone . There is a save but little bit old and...
  11. pyrapyravince

    How can i clean a stickered cube?

    I have a gan 356 air master, and i want to know how i can clean it.
  12. Couber

    Cubing Comic 2021 -Coming Soon

    Hi! I'm wondering if you can make the dialogue of the comic Just reply to this thread for the dialogue
  13. A

    How do I grow my semi- cubing channel

    I have a youtube channel with about 1/4 of my videos surrounding cubing, what should I do to get people to view my channel and continue to watch me ( I've recently got more cubes and will be making cubing videos more commonly)
  14. Ryzre1

    Weird tensions

    Hello, i want to ask a question. I have a gan rs and something weird is going on. All of the sides have yellow ges on 0.8 but 3 of the sides feel loose And 3 other sides feel tight. It makes solving feel weird. I dont think i had this problem before lubing so i cleaned and relubed it but the...
  15. Nir1213

    Nir1213's Quest to Sub-20 with CFOP!

    This is a thread where i practice and learn cases and algs to get to sub 40. Right now i learned intuitive f2l but i also need help and tips with it. so now i have this problem where i see that before i learned intuitive f2l i had a 40 second average on f2l, so i went to learn intuitve f2l to...
  16. X1ma

    How do you print Scorecards/Scoresheets for yourself at home?

    OK, I'm new here, so hopefully I am posting this in the right spot. I recently came across a video on how to practice for comps and got really nostalgic for the times that we actually could've gone to those. So I decided to print some scorecards, get some ambient crowd sound playing in my...
  17. S

    [Help Thread] Help!!!

    Help !! I need your feedback and some help I just got my first Sub-30 i usually avg 35-40 seconds I need some f2l tips i take abt 25 seconds for f2l and abt 5 seconds for oll and pll. I look for pieces all around the cube and do lots of cube rotations.How do i reduce this?? Pls HELP And i am...
  18. X

    [Help Thread] I Dont fully understand f2l very well

    Ok so i have a slight understanding of f2l but it takes me soooo long to pair and insert them. I dont know where to got to learn the algorithms and how to take less time trying to pair them. aAmost every YT vid is towards intermediate and that confuses me even more. Can anyone help me or guide...
  19. S

    [Help Thread] [SQ1] How do I learn CubeShape for Square-1?

    Hello Speedsolving Forum, I've recently gotten into Square-1, and I know that my cubeshape is easily the slowest part of my solve, and the part that needs the most work. All I've learned is beginners method for Square-1, but I watched this video and I've started to understand Cubeshape a...
  20. IwasHere

    I can average sub 15 for 10-30 solves, then my times go up.

    Did anybody experience that too? I sometimes (at least one a day) get just sub 15 or 15/16s. I have that for like 10-30 solves and have ao5s wich are sub 15 and even ao12s. That are mostly normal, fullstep solves. Not just the ones, in wich I particulary know the oll( still learning, i know like...