1. Dylan Swarts

    Welcome Teen Speedsolvers!!

    Hey Everyone. Here in RSA there aren't many cubers and I want to form a little group thing. Preferably teens. My goal is to have us talk and grow as cubers and share cubing moments together! Anyone interested can drop a message and maybe we can form a discord. Cya!
  2. D

    Illinois Area Speedcubing

    I'm posting this since it's been a bit less than a year since anyone has posted anything for Chicago/Illinois speedcubing. Are there any cubers in the Chicago/Illinois area that would be willing to form a group? I noticed that there have always been posts about Chicago area speedcubing, but...
  3. Q

    Higher dimensional Rubik's cube

    Hi. I'm trying to define the group of the Rubik's cube in arbitrary dimension. I shall explain what i figured out till now. Let T_n be the group of rotational isometries of the n-dimensional cube. It acts transitively and faithfully on the m-dimensional faces of the n-dimensional cube for...
  4. Noahaha

    BLD Support Group (Facebook)

    Hey everyone! Riley and I started a group for people to discuss BLD. It's meant to be a place where people can ask questions and give advice to others. You get points for helping people out. I think we'll have a lot of fun in it. So if you have a facebook profile, and you're interested in...
  5. K

    Facebook group for Cubers!

    Iv'e noticed that the cubing community should be more connected so Iv'e made a facebook group! come join and post about any new cubes you have or your avg time or create any discussions! Oh and post pics of your collection!
  6. G

    Facebook cubing group!!

    Hey guys, i made a facebook group for cubers of the USA! (you dont have to be in the USA, just speak english please ;) ) and i was looking for new members. this group is open to anyone, no matter how good you are at speedsolving! *removed* TO ALL ADMINISTRATORS, THIS IS NOT A FACEBOOK FISHING...
  7. CharlieCooper

    UK Cubers!

    Hello all of you chatty UK folk Today while browsing in TX Maxx I noticed there was a three puzzle set in the bag/tools/man section that contained three puzzles for £7, which separately would probably cost almost £30. It included the first brainstring, which is pretty cool (I really like...

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