1. C

    Review and unboxing of the Celeritas GTS3M + written review

    Written Review: Initially, the GTS3M came very sandy and dry feeling. Over the course of a hundred solves, it quickly sped up. Surprisingly, to my surprise, the cube was able to still keep its stability. I did find myself overshooting on occasion. The cube seems to be lubed with celeritas and...
  2. C

    Announcing 0Cube

    Hello, fellow cubers. I am here to Introduce my new cube manufacturer, Cube0. Cube0's first product is the 3x3 0Cube. The name describes its movement: 0 (effortless). It is now a 3x3 cube, that is designed by YOU. Backstory The 0Cube started out as a GuHong mod in 2010 (or around there). From...
  3. xavier45

    Bad Cubing Habits?

    Hello, I wanted to know your bad cubing habits, for example if I am timing my self I will sometimes look at the timer and mess up my algorithm. Hope to see some very crazy responses from the community. -xavier
  4. R

    The best cubes!

    I am one of those people who wants the best that there is! I'm look for the best 2x2 3x3 4x4 5x5 (and i would say 6x6 and 7x7 but really only v-cubes are public ones so i'm fine with those.) Most of the answers I get for 3x3 are something like Dayan ZhanChi or Dayan GuHong but I want to see if...
  5. V

    Tired of Guhongs and Zhanchi's! Other good cubes available?

    Hi, I have went through Guhongs, and Zhanchi's, but I still haven't got my perfect cube. I tried the Lubix Zhanchi and Lubix Guhong and they didn't work out. The problem is that my Dayan cubes are very easy to get dirty, and it limits its ability. I just feel the Dayans lose speed and...
  6. speedcubie

    [Unofficial] 3x3 Avg. of 12 10.19/ Avg. of 5 9.27

    Average of 5: 9.27 1. (8.43) L U R2 B2 U' F2 D' L R2 U' L' F2 R2 U2 F D F' L' R U' L' B D2 R U 2. (10.37) L2 R2 F U2 B' L2 D F2 R2 U' L' R D2 R2 F L' F R B2 U2 L F' D' B2 L 3. 8.48 L2 R U' R2 B U B U2 B' D' F L U F' L' F L' R U R' U' R2 L' D U 4. 9.99 L2 R D R2 F2 U F2 U F' L' U R B2...
  7. D

    Izovire/ Bradley Vrooman's shop rules.

    my order got sent to the wrong place and he got it back yesterday and he sent me an email and he sent me an extra puzzle free and he has answered all my questions, this might be a one off but does anyone else think his shop rules? P.S his prices are cheap to and his delivery to the UK is very...