god's number

  1. X

    Master pyraminx God's number bounds

    tl;dr: Ignoring the tips, GN is between 14 and 26 moves (inclusive) in OBTM. We will completely ignore the tips in this analysis, because they're trivial and boring. If you care about the tips a lot, you can just add 4 to the numbers here as appropriate. We split solving the master pyraminx...
  2. L

    Which 3x3x3 positions require at least 20 moves to solve?

    I know that any rubik's cube position can be solved in 20 moves or less, but which are the allowable moves? I'm assuming it includes FBUDRL and all of their inverses (i.e., F'B'U' etc.). What about F2B2U2...? What about fbudrl and their inverses and doubles? And what about xyz? Thanks...
  3. U

    Solving without R face turns

    Someone recently posed a question to me: can you solve a 3x3x3 without turning one of the faces? To respond to this, I first tried to figure out how to perform an R' without turning the R face at all. After coming up with a 50 move intuitive solution, I ran a program on an Amazon server...
  4. IAssemble

    Tomas Rokicki discusses "God's Number" and CubeStormer II

    I had the great pleasure of meeting Tomas Rokicki at ARM TechCon 2011 in Santa Clara :D
  5. P

    Prove you can reach from one position to another in >=20

    Hello, I have been solving a Rubik's cube for more than a year, and lately I've read that a group of people proved that you can solve any position in 20 moves or less, here is the link: http://www.cube20.org/ So I wanted to share an idea I had, and hope you will tell me if it's original or...