1. J

    [Update] CubeStation Update to UI 4.0

    27th Dec 2021 Dear all Valued Users, We're receiving a lot of feedback for the Cube Station App and all of it was valued. We're fixed it and uploaded it to the Google Play store at the end of last week. 【Update/Fixed】 1. Fixed Android 11 or above system users download problem; 2. Fixed the...
  2. Human Cuber

    10 Secret OLL Algorithms// You Should Know

  3. Human Cuber

    How to Lubricate and Setup a 3x3 Speed Cube?
  4. Human Cuber

    GAN 356 AIR SM Unboxing & Review || Feliks Zemdegs BEST 3x3?

  5. J

    GAN Speed ACE Program Launched!

    您好,我是GAN Cube的Joann。 上次,我与您分享了我们的新GAN Gurus Teamer。 但是今天,我们正在寻找GAN Speed ACE的成员! 什么是GAN Speed ACE? -GAN的少年速滑队。而且我们正在寻找12岁以下,可以稳定地发展到20岁以下甚至更快的时间! GAN团队特权: -竞争基金 -多维数据集赞助 -GAN品牌大使 -破纪录奖 专业GAN服务正等着您! 单击链接或扫描QR码,申请GAN Speed ACE。
  6. Cube Station Official

    【Official】Thread from GAN- CubeStation Update to UI 4.0

    13th May 2022 Dear all Valued Users, We have updated the CubeStation on 11th May 2022, with the following updates: 【Update】----Update to New UI 4.0; 【Optimize】--Optimize other Network issues; 【Fixed】------Fixed known bugs; Thanks for your continuous support. Welcome any suggestions and We...
  7. GAN 356 X

    What do you think of Gan?

    Cubers seem to either love gan cubes, or absolutely hate them. I know there's people who don't mind them, but I think to would be cool to see a general divide of what most of the cubing community thinks. If many of the comments request something in the middle, I will add it