1. Talon2461

    Hey everyone

    Hi, I am Talon2461, been speed cubing for a while now (not sure exactly how long). Always been interested in cubing and now i think i've become rather experienced. Here are some facts that you might like to know Currently my average is sub 20 I used the Fridrich method solve the cube (F2L...
  2. collinbxyz

    F-II cap

    Hey, I am trying to make a hybrid with Ghost Hand II core, and F-II pieces, but I can't get the center caps off of the F-II. One came off when I was solving, but only one. Any ideas?
  3. S

    speedcube beginner :>

    So I've a question that certainly has been asked many times in this forum. My skill is intermediate but I'm developing my skills every day! I've a crappy cube, and I want to order one.:fp I've been researching, and found a lot of good options, and my question is which one should I order...
  4. Deweyspunkis

    What to get???

    Hey guys! This is my first post on this forum and I can't wait to be a part of this awesome community! So I've been getting into speed cubing and my average is about 1:20 (I know it's not the best but hey i'm just starting). At the moment, I am using a standard Rubik's brand cube. I was looking...
  5. collinbxyz

    Free Gift?

    I ordered my cube4you.'us' cube about.....3-4 weeks ago. And only last Wednesday was it shipped, so I think I should be getting it tomorrow, but I am wondering, would he usually add an extra item since he made this mistake? I haven't seen the email, but my mom just said it was shipped, so I...
  6. JonnyWhoopes

    F-II cap POPping

    F-II edge and corner cap POPping Title I'm aware that this happens often enough, but I'm curious if anybody has found a way to avoid/reduce the amount of POPs? I'd rather not risk messing up with super-gluing them down.
  7. collinbxyz


    So I ordered my F-II from C4U.'us' and it isn't coming in 3 weeks! I know this wouldn't be odd for cube4you.com, but what up with this? We did have trouble ordering it, but we already payed with Paypal. We can get our money back, but my mom is still waiting to see. Is this odd???
  8. D

    The Cube Hybrid Thread

    Recently there have been a lot of threads about hybrid cubes in this forum. i thought that maybe we should have a main thread about them so it would be easier to find, rather than searching in a sea of threads with exact same titles. if you found a good hybrid you'd like to share with or a...