example solves

  1. Kudz

    Just a vid with example solves-What can be done better?

    Just tell me what I can do better. I don't mean things like better camera, better lightning or edit it etc. I am looking for tips such as: am I understandable, Do you find it useful, Should I talk louder, Zoom out etc. Ples be critique. Also if you can see better solution (not other cross...
  2. Shreyas NT

    Cubing Vine #7:- The 'Example solve' Scrambles which Pros get

    YES I know it's not F but F'.. Please spare me! QOTV:- Do you feel the same? :D Subscribe for more! :) -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTkHXVS8owHyMFh4Sn4ZQiA
  3. lorki3

    [video] OH Example Solves by Thijs - Criticism appreciated

    Hi cubers, I've been stuck at around 21-23 seconds with OH for a long time now (four years, though three years of that were without any practice) and I thought what better way to improve than ask fellow cubers what I could do better in my solves. Here's the video, the scrambles are in the...
  4. jskyler91

    More W/Y Example Solves

    Hope this helps people. I do go off screen a few times, especially on the first solve, but I go back and reexplain so hold on for the whole vid and 98% of what I do should be explained. I will make more with a better angle, but I wanted to make sure you could see the scrambles.
  5. jskyler91

    Example Solves Using White and Yellow

    Hey guys long time no talk. So as you guessed I am back for a while, but I am definitely out of the debate realm. My only goal here is to provide feedback and help cubers to get faster. If you don't like me or what I say then feel free to say so but I won't respond. Now onto the cubing stuff. So...