example solves

  1. y235

    Most Insightful/Interesting Reconstructions (or Example Solves)?

    Did you learn a new technique from studying a reconstruction of some WR solve? Did you ever followed a reconstruction and found a particularly nice alg? Did you see an example solve that just made a whole concept click? Were you ever amazed by an especially elegant solve? I'd like to hear what...
  2. ProStar

    The Petrus "Example Solve" Game!

    This thread will be similar to the thread for Roux example solves, except for Petrus. So, I give a scramble, and you write down your own Petrus solution. The solution can either be a "first try solution", which means you would do that during a regular speedsolve (or you can even do an actual...
  3. Kudz

    Just a vid with example solves-What can be done better?

    Just tell me what I can do better. I don't mean things like better camera, better lightning or edit it etc. I am looking for tips such as: am I understandable, Do you find it useful, Should I talk louder, Zoom out etc. Ples be critique. Also if you can see better solution (not other cross...
  4. Shreyas NT

    Cubing Vine #7:- The 'Example solve' Scrambles which Pros get

    YES I know it's not F but F'.. Please spare me! QOTV:- Do you feel the same? :D Subscribe for more! :) -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTkHXVS8owHyMFh4Sn4ZQiA
  5. lorki3

    [video] OH Example Solves by Thijs - Criticism appreciated

    Hi cubers, I've been stuck at around 21-23 seconds with OH for a long time now (four years, though three years of that were without any practice) and I thought what better way to improve than ask fellow cubers what I could do better in my solves. Here's the video, the scrambles are in the...
  6. jskyler91

    More W/Y Example Solves

    Hope this helps people. I do go off screen a few times, especially on the first solve, but I go back and reexplain so hold on for the whole vid and 98% of what I do should be explained. I will make more with a better angle, but I wanted to make sure you could see the scrambles.
  7. jskyler91

    Example Solves Using White and Yellow

    Hey guys long time no talk. So as you guessed I am back for a while, but I am definitely out of the debate realm. My only goal here is to provide feedback and help cubers to get faster. If you don't like me or what I say then feel free to say so but I won't respond. Now onto the cubing stuff. So...