1. lucaspcuber

    Average moves per solve?

    I was wondering what the average amount of moves used per solve is in correlation with a person's average time? I average about 15-17 seconds, and use on average 55-65 (63 ao12) moves per solve. What about everyone else? If I get enough responses, I might compile this into a table for everyone...
  2. u Cube

    Effeciency isn't as Important as You Think

    Alright, efficiency isn't always important. Speed is. Sure efficiency may make you faster but in some cases you should throw efficiency out the window and see what will make you faster. Re-gripless algs are an example. Re-gripless algs may be faster than the most efficient way of solving a case...
  3. A

    The Skewb Efficiency Thread

  4. PandaCuber


    Before I begin, just wanna say.. I did not find a thread that mainly talked about this topic. And not sure if this goes under Cube Theory or not. Ef·fi·cien·cy: 1. the state or quality of being efficient; competency in performance. 2. accomplishment of or ability to accomplish a job...