edge orientation

  1. V Achyuthan

    FMC example solve game (lol)

    R' U' F D2 F' D' R2 B2 R2 D' L2 B2 D' U2 R2 D2 F' U2 B' L D2 R2 B2 R' U' F U2 B2 L B' // EO L' D R2 U2 F2 U' L2 D U2 L // DR U' R2 U' L2 U2 D' L2 F2 B2 D2 B2 L2 U B2 // Finish 28 moves Next : R' U' F D' F2 U2 L' U2 R' B2 R U2 L2 D2 R' D' R2 B L' D R2 D' B2 D' R' U' F
  2. V Achyuthan

    E2CR2 Method proposal | A method for OH solving

    I think this has some potential to be a fast method. (Ya I invented it) Here is the speedsolving wiki page - https://www.speedsolving.com/wiki/index.php/E2CR2 Youtube video tutorial with two example solves - Let me know your thoughts on this. Thank you
  3. zzoomer

    Technique to quickly compare EO for 2 orientations!

    This is mainly for ZZ users who solve on 2 orientations. (e.g. x2y CN) I will refer to edges containing U/D layer colors (for me, white/yellow) as U/D edges, and edges that do not contain U/D layer colors as E edges. You will have to keep track of the bad edges difference as you recognize. It...
  4. mista

    How to consider edge orientation in Cube Explorer?

    I recently installed Cube Explorer (download) and I can't include EO in solutions. Can anyone with this knowledge help me?
  5. PetrusQuber

    Petrus is like, so dead now.

    I use Petrus, and I have noticed nobody is really using it anymore. I, along with a couple of other people, am like the solitary Petrus user on this forum which is still active. The majority of users seem to be CFOP, Roux, or ZZ :(. So there isn't much discussion on how to improve on specific...
  6. Ross The Boss

    New(?) Roux Alg Set: EO + RF Flip

    Hey, guys. I have never seen a collection of algorithms for solving step 4a of LSE (EO) and fixing a missoriented F2B edge, so i decided to put one together. I go into more detail on the validity and statistics involved in the attached file: I think you could call this set "odd EO" because at...
  7. RadioactivCuber

    Any easy way to orient 8-10 edges (EOLine) in ZZ method?

    Hello guys.....I am new to speedsolving.com and (not so) new in speedcubing. Currently I am learning ZZ method and I have serious problems to orient 8 or 10 wrong edges.........I mean ........ I cannot track all the edges. Can anyone help me with a video or any text tutorial? Note: I have...
  8. S

    ZZ Edge Orientation Video Tutorial

    I used a fixed cube orientation(blue/green on front, white on bottom) in this video, so I did not explain the rules of EO. I will be working on video tutorials about the other steps of the ZZ methods next week when I have time, and eventually a website text/video tutorial. Anyway I hope this...
  9. Ordos_Koala

    Edge orientation

    Hi, i was just wondering about ZZ and EO... i just want to ask, what is possible to get if you don't mind what color is on bottom? well i get that in very, very, very rare case you can get all edges in right place, but none of them oriented. So beside this (which could be still pretty fast with...
  10. CatchO

    Nice Square-1 EO alg (2-gen)

    Hey, I found a new alg for an SQ1 EO case. I suck at SQ1 but I can do this alg in sub2. What do you think?
  11. M

    ZZ speedcubing method

    As in the topic. ZZ's quite interesting method, but it largely unknown in non-Polish speedcubing communities (like speedsolving.com). It's basically due to the fact that almost every information about ZZ is in Polish, which isn't lingua franca, I dunno why. :) Because of that I've decided to...