1. K

    I'm Selling 5 Cubes! (US only, sorry)

    visit my new thread http://www.speedsolving.com/forum/showthread.php?37205-Selling-A-Bunch-Of-Cubes-(US-only)
  2. brandbest1

    I need an Eastsheen 4x4 core!

    is anybody willing to give away their eastsheen 4x4 core? pm me. DON'T YELL AT ME
  3. G

    Looking to trade/sell a couple cubes

    im trying to get rid of: mefferts gear cube extreme, with ultimate stickers (got it about a week ago, not worth 40 bucks) Black Eastsheen 4x4,5x5 (not that used, stickers worn a tiny bit. lubed with jigaloo) White 2x2x3 (unknown brand, not assembled) im looking for nothing specific...
  4. Hovair

    Eastsheen 4x4 parts for sale (great for modding)

    Hello everybody one of the corners of my eastsheen 4x4 broke so I will not be throwing it away. the rest of the 4x4 pecies are in great shape so they will be for sale. There will only be seven corners for sale These peices would be great for modding. iErNKUQg_SU
  5. C


    I bought an EastSheen 5-cube just to get the feel for a five. I love it. But, there is simply no way to speed up with my little pet E5. No cutting corners, certainly no reverse cuts, no spins over 90*. I understand that V-Cubes are unbeatable; I get it. I'm looking for an alternative. I hear...
  6. cannon4747

    which cube should i NOT get

    I'm saving up about $100 dollars to get some stuff (the majority of which is cubes) and the stuff i want costs about $120 - $125 altogether with shipping and i can't decide which one NOT to get. here is what i want to buy: $20 for dallas open $23 for minecraft $18 for maru 4x4 $17 for...
  7. A

    My order of Cubes

    1. Type F-II 3x3x3 Cube (NIB) - Black 2. Alpha-V(Type A) 3x3x3 Cube (DIYKIT) - Black 3. Lanlan 2x2x2 Cube (NIB) - White 4. Cube4you Vinyl 3x3x3 Sticker - W 5. Eastsheen Super 5X5 Cube - A5S I paid 40$ for all that stuff a few days back, bought from Cube4you. Still waiting for the...
  8. G

    4x4x4 Eastsheen Parts

    does anybody have 2 r(or l idk) shaped internal pieces that i can buy from them?
  9. loverthehater

    Pyraminx HELP PLEASE!

    Heeeey! I've posted this question like 2 times now and the only thing i've gotten was a mefferts... is that the best or is there better? :confused:(please not the russian, i don't like the smallness of it :p) other unrelated note, a 2x2 eastsheen is being shipped out here... What do you think of...