dayan 5 zhanchi

  1. Baron1213

    Cube suggestions?

    I am kinda new to speed cubing (well I've learnt quite a bit and am pretty close to under a minute).. and was in a doubt whether to buy the Dayan Zhan chi stickered or sticker less. Also I wanted to know if the plastic quality(black or white) would make a difference or not. I prefer a sturdy...
  2. L

    [Unofficial] First 3x3 solve on camera: 14.84

    So I decided to make my own solving video after years of watching other people's videos. It definately gave my a new perspective of my weak/strong points. It was quite a good solve for me, I hope you like it :). I guess i will be making more videos as I really enjoyed making this one :p...
  3. A

    New to speed cubing and need have a lot of questions

    So i got a normal Rubik's cube for Christmas and learned it really slow how to solve it in beginner way so i didn't do much with it, but 2 weeks ago i found a speedcuber on youtube and started learning the 2 look OLL and 2 look PLL. Now the questions i have: -My fastest solve time atm is...
  4. fat10000y

    Designing a Black Dayan Zhanchi to a Steam Punk Cube

    Hey guys, So I just started to learn to solve the 3x3x3 last week, and got so addicted... I already bought like 6 cubes just to tested out which one I like best. So far I like the Dayan Guhong best, and decided to sacrifice my Zhanchi for my art project. So I wanted to create a "steam...
  5. bornlambo

    Fake / Counterfeit DaYan Zhanchi from Amazon?

    I recently ordered a new Dayan Zhanchi from Amazon after misplacing my other 55mm one at school. It came in today and I immediately noticed a difference. The sound and feel was completely different (much scratchier than my original one). When I opened it up, I realized there were no torpedoes as...
  6. Winston Yang

    Best Wholesale Price?

    I was wondering , what website has the best wholesale prices for speed cubes. I looked at lightake and the prices were alright. Im looking to buy 10 Dayan Zhanchis for the lowest price. I also used the search bar , but couldn't find any good websites. Any suggestions?
  7. D

    How do I make my Zhanchi smoother?

    I modded my zhanchi by doing the corner and edge mod but it is not smooth. i dont know what to do
  8. C

    Defective Dayan ZhanChi 3x3x3 cube

    So I was happy to see a black Dayan ZhanChi arrive in the mail today from I tore the package open. The white face was very difficult to turn. Difficult as in requiring strength. WTF? I took it apart and found the problem. One of the screws was out of spec, it's head was too...
  9. K

    I'm Selling 5 Cubes! (US only, sorry)

    visit my new thread
  10. R

    Best SpeedCubers From the World

    New video in YouTube!! The best SpeedCubers since now!! With most of the fastests solves (some of them have average solves because i was unable to find the best ones, or they were in a poor quality)!! Incredible fast times, all in real time!! A must to see video...
  11. Winston Yang

    Can You Give Me Some Info About The Dayan Zhanchi 5?

    I Heard Its Good I Also Heard It Can Corner Cut And it Rarely Pops But Can You Post A Video Or Something I Want To Know More Things Thanks! Can You People Give Me Your Personal Thoughts Like Pros and Cons
  12. D

    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    Edit: Please find the latest suggestions in this thread here. Ok, so I am really sick of people asking what kind of cubes should they get. It seems that I have started the "The XXX Thread" wave at this forum, although some of the threads are pretty useful, the invarible title really annoys me...

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