cube comparison

  1. nalralz

    My stickers are ruined!

    My white Dayan Zhanchi that I got in June 2014 has had well over 5,000+ solves on it and well over 275,000+ turns on it and the stickers are all folding and chipped so bad that I think that it is no longer competition legal. I don't want to replace the stickers and I prefer Dayan. I have a Moyu...
  2. immortalchaos29

    How much better are you with your main? (prove it!)

    I was curious whether my main (Zhanchi) was actually faster than other cubes. In fact, it seems like every week I change my mind about what my favorite cube is. In order to prove it, I took an average of 20 for each cube and these were the results: Cube Average St. Dev. S_pooled...
  3. N

    Cube Chat! (for iPhone/iPod touch users)

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that for all iPhone/iPod touch users that use the great chat app called Palringo I have created a group called "speed cubing" for anyone that would like to talk about cubes! Join up if you are interested, you can talk to anyone in the group at any time...
  4. C

    The influence of cubes in your times

    Cubes better than the rubik's brand's lower your times.I've always wonderedhow much difference do they make.So i propose this challenge(3x3x3 only): -Do five solves with the cube you usually use; -Register those five times and their average (of the five times); -Do five solves with a regular...
  5. loverthehater

    Haiyan Memory vs. DaYan GuHong

    I'm gonna buy a cube... Which one should i buy and why!