1. teboecubes

    Solving a BROKEN 6x6 Core Like a 2x2!

  2. V

    Pieces on a Rubik's cube and how they move

    Hello everyone, I'm am starting a YouTube channel(V6Cubing) and made a video about the pieces on a Rubik's cube and how they move because beginners struggle with understanding this basic concept and there's not a single video on YouTube about this! If you or someone you know has this problem,my...
  3. A

    The Ayam Method and what intermediate corner BLD method to learn

    Hey everyone! My name is Ayyub and I’ve been cubing on and off for a couple years now. I would categorize myself as a cubing hobbyist rather than someone fully dedicated and super interested in cubing (I average ~20 seconds for anyone curious). I am though completely in love with BLD. I first...
  4. J

    How can I slow down my Moyu pyraminx tips?

    Please help. I average 10 seconds with my moyu pyraminx but in my solve i keep unintentionally twisting the corners so that the solved ones are unsolved and i have to redo them. How can i make them harder to turn them down and prevent this?
  5. Renslay

    The Boomerang Method - an intermediate-level BLD technique for corners

    Hi folks! I wrote a description about my currently used BLD corner method. Someone taught me years ago, and since I can't find it (or similar) anywhere on the net, I named and published it. You can find it here: (EDIT on) If byethost is...
  6. Noahaha

    Guide to Transitioning to 3-Cycle BLD

    It has occurred to me that there are very few resources available for people who want to take BLD past the Old Pochmann method. I have (for the most part) switched to 3-cycles for corners, and I feel that although I am no expert on the method, I understand the process fairly well. This guide...
  7. Raiz

    [Help Thread] Where to get spare parts for your cubes?

    Where can i get spare parts for my cubes?
  8. AbstractAlg

    TuRBo through commutators (corners)

    TuRBo through commutators.xls (ms office excel table uploaded on mediafire) For all the people who would like not just to learn TuRBo algorithms, but understand their commutator foundations. Table has these columns: sticker cycle, algorithm, form of commutator, comment, type of...
  9. kelseymckenna

    2-Look BH Corners Tutorial

    For those who have tried to learn the BH method but have been overwhelmed by the hundreds of algorithms, this is the method for you! With 2-Look BH Corners, we solve one piece at a time. But as most of you will know, we cannot swap only two pieces on the cube. It is impossible without taking...
  10. Kenneth

    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    Use this thread for short BLD questions. (I was looking for it but did not see one, if there is? please let me know and I merge). -------------------------- Well, my question, TuRBo, is it only a edge method or did anyone develop the same for corners? (I'm looking at it atm, this is...
  11. S

    The "Request an Alg" Thread

    So, I'm working on another lolmethod. If someone can help me with alg-finding, that would be awesome; others can now and later use this thread to request help with alg-generation/finding for odd systems that they're working on. What I need is this: The flipped edge ELS cases with each 6 CPLL...
  12. teller

    One-Answer 3x3x3 Question Thread

    Is this a thread where I get to ask a question? :confused: What makes an alg a "2-gen?" I've heard this term and I don't understand.