1. L

    Is it possible to find a commutator for a V-Perm

    I have this setup. Now I would need a V-Perm to swap the FLU corner with the RBU corner and the LU edge with the BU edge. I cannot break down the common V-Perm algorithms to a commutator. My question is, is it possible to find a commutator which does basically the same as a V-Perm? If not how...
  2. CalebW

    Commutators and conjugates?

    Hello, I'm pretty new to the world of cubing (just started about a month ago) and I had started learning the CFLOP method. I learned all of the 4LL but the idea of learning 60+ more algorithms seemed a little daunting. Also I wanted to learn how to really solve the 3x3x3 cube by intuition which...
  3. G2013

    Help with commutator notation?

    I know how commutators and conjugates work, I can read commutator notation such as [R', U] [R2: [F', U'] [R, F] ] (U'), but I have some doubts... ¿Can that decomposition be done with any algorithm? ¿Even with an entire solve? If it is possible, ¿how do you do it? Thanks for your time
  4. R

    U perm as a commutator/conjugate

    Hi all, as a maths lover I recently picked up the Rubik's cube and thoroughly enjoyed the online teachings and maths surrounding the puzzle. I've been writing down the beginner's algorithms as commutators/conjugates for interest sake and to aid my memory. However the U perm anti clockwise ->...
  5. MarcelP

    Insertions, a powerfull tool for FMC

    This is a tutorial about insertions. Insertions in Fewest moves are very powerfull. If you try to make a framework F2L-1 (meaning first two layers are solved except one slot) you can try to orient the edges in a few moves leaving 3 - 5 corners. You can sticker these corners and go back in the...
  6. Ollie

    Full 3-style comms list for wings - DFR buffer

    This was mostly for my benefit, but I have made some improvements to my original list of comms for wings. I've experimented with different algs for every case to find the fastest (and move-optimal if possible) alg for each cycle. Clicky wicky woo Improvements this time round: 1. Algs are...
  7. J

    How does an alg affect the cube? (Full and complete answer please)

    Hello, My name is Jay. I am 21 years old with self taught knowledge in mathmatics and Group Theory. I've lurked this website for some time now, understand most of the topics of disscussion, and now pose a question to further my own understanding. So given all the information from this website...
  8. Noahaha

    [Unofficial] Noah Arthurs 45.06 3BLD mo3

    Mean of 3: 45.06 1. 46.15 D2 F2 L' B' L2 D' L D' L F' L2 F' U2 B2 L2 B L2 B R2 D2 2. 50.75 R2 D' R2 F2 L2 F2 D' R2 U2 F2 D2 F' L2 R2 B' R B U' F U 3. 38.28 L2 D2 B L2 D2 B R2 D2 B R2 B2 L F' R D2 B' R2 D R' D2 F Cube: Cool Guhong Method: BH (and some M2) I'm happy to have any...
  9. Noahaha

    [Unofficial] Noah Arthurs 50.84 3BLD mo3 with 45.10 Single

    Sorry about posting so many videos. I've been recording a lot of solves recently because it adds pressure. Mean of 3: 50.84 1. 45.10 R F2 L B2 D2 R' U' B L U L' F2 R2 B2 U2 D2 R U2 F2 L 2. 57.42 U2 F R2 F L2 R2 F' D2 F D2 B D' R2 D B' R D' U B' R' B2 3. 50.01 D B2 U' B2 L2 D' R2...
  10. Christopher Mowla

    Entire Set of Speedsolving Wiki 2-Cycle PLL Algorithms Decomposed

    (If this thread should be in another forum, mods feel free to move it where it fits best. I wasn't sure.) I was looking at the PLL Page in the wiki, and I decided to rewrite all 2-cycle cases as commutators and conjugates (along with the extra quarter turn, of course) (one or two algorithms...
  11. AbstractAlg

    TuRBo through commutators (corners)

    TuRBo through commutators.xls (ms office excel table uploaded on mediafire) For all the people who would like not just to learn TuRBo algorithms, but understand their commutator foundations. Table has these columns: sticker cycle, algorithm, form of commutator, comment, type of...
  12. S

    Cyclic shifts and Per specials

    Right now I'm trying to find and right down speed optimized corner three cycles, with UBR as buffer. What I've noticed is that the worst cases are what Beyer/Hardwick calls Per Special and the Cyclic Shifts. If we corporate, could we find algorithms (not necessarily easy commutators) for...
  13. S

    A list of edge-cycles

    I'm finally done with my project to trying to find and write down the best (as in fastest) algorithm/commutator for every possible three-cycle, with UF as buffer. Use it as much as you like, but if you find it useful, please help making it more useful, and contribute if you have any better...