1. CubeTuristic

    CubeTuristic Discord Community

    CubeTuristic is a Discord Server where you can talk to other cubers from all around the world! Whether you're a beginner, or even an advanced cuber, discussions and information about cubing will be shared with everyone and there's always something new to be learned! There are many things you can...
  2. WillyTheWizard

    2019 New Years Resolutions

    Share whatever you want cubing related or not. Mine: get dat sub 20! HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR! just keep this civil ok?
  3. MadaraMangekyou

    Chilean Speedcubers

    Hi, this is Claudio Andrade , from Santiago, Chile, here in my country, slowly , the speedcubing is growing, so, I'm looking for any other Chilean Speedcubers....
  4. nalralz

    Cubing meetup in Madison, Wisconsin (interest needed!)

    I was wondering if anyone in the area would like to get together at a lunch place or something and do some cubing and stuff like that. Let me know when would work out and where to go meet up.
  5. Noahaha

    What Makes the Cubing Community Special?

    Hey guys, I thought I would share some thoughts on what I think is an important question: Tell me what you think.
  6. PokeCuberAlex

    Possible competition for Yorkshire in the future? (interest needed)

    Back in 2006 a year before I did my first Rubik's cube solve, there was a competition in my local city of Leeds 8 years later and it still hasn't been brought back by anyone. So I thought as a local and regular cuber from Leeds since 2011 that I would finally try and organise one. (Mainly for...
  7. MaikeruKonare Twitter Community

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the community, but I want to start something. I want you all to make a twitter account specifically for the cubing community, no other friends or family or such. On this cubing account we can post PRs and accomplishments, ask for help, post tutorials...
  8. P

    Community's Unboxing Videos

    Hey everyone, i thought it would be a good idea for those who enjoy making unboxing videos or just watching them, are able to post their videos in their own thread. Therefore i made this one :D You can all post unboxings of any length and any puzzle in hope of getting feedback, or just to...
  9. TwisterTimmy

    Cubing for the Community!

    Hey guys, TwisterTimmy here! I couldn't think of a better place to ask about this, however, I was thinking if there could possibly be something we could do for the community as a world wide group of speedcubers! For clarification; I had intend to do this because in my school (IB school)...
  10. CubingSeb

    Speedcubing @ google+

    Hi everyone, So today i saw that google+ had a new communities tab, I directly searched for "Speedcubing" and saw that there already was one. here it is, for now there are 5 members. So I hope everyone who has Google+ joins that community. Greetings, Seb
  11. Hunter

    Where is the cubing community at? (Version 2)

    Due to popular demand, I made a few changes. Just like last time, click the box of where you are at with 3x3. :)
  12. collinbxyz

    Community Made Cubing Website - Anyone Can Help

    Note: I did talk to Pat about this before making the thread. Mods can move this thread to a different section, but Pat even said, "Sure, go ahead and make a thread for it. I'd suggest off-topic or general cubing discussion." This thread is for those who would like to contribute to a...
  13. NeutralMau5

    YouTube cubing community and helppp!

    hey guys. as you may already know, most of the community is almost dead besides mm&p and camcuber. what do you think will happen to the next generation of youtube cubers? i myself am trying to become one of those next gen. cubers on youtube but i dont know what to make videos on?? my youtube...