1. Jam88

    How to practise and learn LL Algs

    Hi all, couldn't find a thread for this, so decided to make my own. I will be adding more over time. Hope this helps, Jam88 P.S. Mods, if there is a megathread for this, then feel free to move it.
  2. Zain_A24

    300 Algs in 300 Days Challenge

    Hello everyone, As the title suggests, I will be learning 300 algorithms in 300 days. 2x2 CLL EG-1 EG-2 3x3 PLL OLL COLL Others Feel free to let me know if there are any other alg sets that I should be aware of to add to the list. (You can join in on my facebook page and learn the algs with...
  3. Filipe Teixeira

    Yet another CxLL trainer. BUT this is different!

    Yeah, so this is my CxLL trainer link: github repo: Features: - It provides you with a random order of the set you're training; that means that you'll be training the cases uniformly. - No easily reversible algs, just the...
  4. molarmanful

    COLL's that I found by hand

    Yes, I have done it! I have found every non-Sune/antiSune COLL by hand, with no computer! I have the algorithms here. I also have included my recognition method, which I also figured out myself. Enjoy! I will include access to playback soon.
  5. X

    COLL tutorials

    hi, im making a series of coll tutorials, ive done 2 subsets until now, and will keep doing more. if you would like me to do any other sort of video, please comment it fcane heres one of the vids enjoy
  6. antoineccantin

    All of my One-Handed COLLs - Explained and with Recognition

    I hope some of you find this informative and helpful! Even though these COLLs are good for OH, most are great for 2H as well.
  7. Pyjam

    [Video] COLL U1 + U2

    Hi there, This is my first video. I'm studying the COLLs. Some are really not easy to execute, so I search new ways to execute popular algorithms. Here are two I discovered yesterday. I don't know if they're already known and efficient. At least, I'm satisfied whit them. Hope you'll like them...
  8. K

    [Help Thread] ZZ and ZB Discussion

    First, I'd like to credit Cyrus C. (for the Petrus Home thread idea) and Innocence (lol...). Just a thread for those few ZZ/ZB members out there. Here's a list of cubers that use ZZ/ZB method as their main method that I KNOW of: Sir E Brum 4Chan koreancuber blah (not sure) Cride5...
  9. A

    [Help Thread] What should I learn next?

    I have 22 more OLL's to go before I know full Fridrich. I am wondering in what order should I start introducing the fine techniques? I already do Pieces Stuck in Another Slot and Using Empty Slots intuitively. Should I continue doing these intuitively or should I learn algs for them? When should...