1. jskyler91

    Cross Choice: How I Choose (For Current or Aspiring Color Neutral Solvers)

    The title says it all. Many people have asked me this question and so I figured I would make my answer into a video:
  2. AndreasFrom

    Blockbuilding encouragement needed.

    I'll start with some background knowledge: My main method is white cross on bottom, intuitive F2L, 2-look OLL and full PLL. With these, my personal best (no skips) is 30.56 and I average mid 30-ish. Here comes the problem: I've always been attracted to the Petrus method and blockbuilding...
  3. anuradha

    Paradox of Choice

    I think the increasing number of different brands and models of cubes in the recent past as a good thing. However, the following talk by Barry Schwartz made me wonder if that affects our satisfaction levels when selecting and buying cubes...
  4. dillonbladez

    Choosing your cube (Answers for newbs)

    This is for beginners. Intermediates need not view this whole thread. I'm aware that there are several threads like these, Choosing a Cube, for Noobs In particular. However, these have not been updated for quite some time, and I think I hold enough knowledge to recommend cubes to newbs. This...