1. joshsolves

    Yuxin 4x4 outer center needed!!

    I am looking for a yuxin 4x4 center piece because one of mine broke.
  2. I

    Need Zhanchi center cap replacement

    Hi, I first bought my zhanchi about 2 months ago. From the beginning, I realized that the center caps were really bad and they popped off about twice a week. I didn't really care then, but today was especially windy, and the red cap popped off. It flew away in some direction and I spent half...
  3. MrIndianTeen

    Puzzle Mod / Modding thread

    Hi this will be a thread on any modded cubes you have. You can share pictures here too. I'll start w/ an "elite" I just made. Here are my mods. Keep clicking on next to see the other pics.
  4. A

    [Help Thread] My cube has issues! My cube is broken!

    The center cap (or w/e you call it) snapped (well, "flew") off of my cube when i was turning it (i just finished lubing/sanding it) and it won't go back on!! (like, it snapped off and I can't tell if there's supposed to be a piece inside or something, but it won't stay on... every time i put it...
  5. *LukeMayn*

    [Help thread] Centre caps falling out

    how does that paper thing work?