1. antoineccantin

    Cube Meet in Ottawa, Canada (Sun Sep.13th)

    There will be a cube meet on Sunday September 13th in the food court of St. Laurent shopping center! It will last approximately from 1pm to 4pm or so. We will cube and have fun in Ottawa. I also hope to talk to different people who were hoping to organize competitions in the area to hopefully...
  2. imvelox

    [WR] Antoine Cantin 10.87 OH avg waaaat?
  3. antoineccantin

    [Official] Antoine Cantin 12.48 3x3 OH avg (12.13 NAR without +2) (13.78+), 12.19, (10.80), 12.82, 12.43 = 12.48 Argh +2s :( That 3rd solve though :) Aaaaand I still pause too much.
  4. antoineccantin

    [Official] Antoine Cantin - 8.01 3x3 average

    (11.16), (7.58), 7.60, 7.64, 8.80 = 8.01 Pretty nice! All three of my averages at that comp were sub-9 :D Also top 10 in the World!
  5. antoineccantin

    [WR] Antoine Cantin - 8.75 3x3 One-Handed single

    Pretty happy about this one :D Dem pauses though D:
  6. Coolster01

    Antoine Cantin - 8.75 OH Single World Record

    6 move LL. Wow. :)
  7. antoineccantin

    [Canadian NR] Antoine Cantin 39.46 Feet Average (and 12.39 official OH avg)

    edit: How do we embed the videos now?
  8. antoineccantin

    [Unofficial] Rubik's Speedcube: 8.20 average of 9 (7.98 avg5, 8.83 avg12)

    Yeah, the cube is okay I guess. Average of 12: 8.83 1. 8.11 B2 L2 B D2 B' R2 U2 F2 U2 B' U' L' B D2 F2 L' B2 R2 F U' F2 2. 9.09 F2 D2 U2 L2 B' U2 B2 F D2 F L2 D U B R D R F L F 3. 8.58 F2 L' B2 L B2 U2 F2 D2 L' U2 R2 B' U F2 D B2 F' U2 L' D' L2 4. 7.71 R2 F' D' B D' F2 D F' R' D'...
  9. antoineccantin

    [NAR] 12.14 OH Average - Antoine Cantin

    12.87, (14.19), 11.19, 12.35, (10.90) Sorry the video quality is meh, I had to zoom in on many solves so you could see the cube. I didn't brighten the video though, just to show how bad the lighting really was. Boo Dad for not recording longer on the last one :( And that last solve :fp
  10. antoineccantin

    [WR] 4.54 Skewb average - Antoine Cantin

    I really was not expecting this. Even after the last solve I had no idea it would be WR :p (7.66), 5.09, 3.55, 4.98, (3.17) = 4.54 Timer fail on the 3.55 = :( 5.09 should have been faster too :P Layers were all pretty bad iirc except the last one. Still a great average though, counting 3...
  11. antoineccantin

    [Official] Antoine Cantin: 8.81 3x3 Average

    8.63, 9.30, (8.27), 8.49, (9.44) = 8.81 I wasn't sure I should make a new thread for this, by I decided I should given it's the 2nd best non-Bill Canadian average.
  12. antoineccantin

    [Official] Antoine Cantin 9.24 (8.58 NR without the +2) 3x3 Average

    Yup, missed the NR average by about 5 degrees :'( Times: 10.66+, (7.80), 9.25, 7.81, (12.32) Cube: Weilong
  13. antoineccantin

    [Official] Antoine Cantin 37.33 4x4 average

    36.40, 37.81, (36.31), 37.76, (41.66) = 37.33 Some crosses were pretty bad.
  14. antoineccantin

    [Canadian NR] Antoine Cantin: 8.79 3x3 average of 5

    (8.28), (9.63), 9.24, 8.75, 8.37 = 8.79 All full step too :D Done at Montreal Open 2014
  15. antoineccantin

    [Unofficial] Antoine Cantin 12.20 OH avg12 (youtube UWR) + 11.87 avg5 and 9.11 (full-step) single

    My response to Neil's NAR single: AvzSNJWptU4 Average of 12: 12.20 1. 11.45 F B' D F' D2 R2 U R F2 D L' F2 L2 B' L2 B2 D2 F U2 B 2. (9.11) B2 R2 D2 U2 F' L2 B' R2 F U2 F' D F2 R2 F D B2 L B' L U 3. 12.39 F2 D' R2 D F2 L2 D' L2 U2 R2 D B R U2 F R2 F2 L' R' F' U 4. 15.00 U2 L2 B U2 R2 F2...
  16. antoineccantin

    [Unofficial] Antoine Cantin 8.53 3x3 avg12 + 8.00 avg5 and 6.87 single

    Average of 12: 8.53 1. 7.94 D2 U2 L2 U2 B2 L D2 B2 L2 B2 L D R2 F' L' B' U' R2 D' F 2. 10.63 F U2 R2 U2 B2 F' U2 L2 U2 R2 F2 R' U2 B' D' L' B L2 D' 3. 7.63 B2 D' U' F2 U' L2 D2 F2 R2 U' R' F' L R D2 B2 L2 D' F' U2 L2 4. 7.79 L' F2 U2 R D2 F2 D2 L' R' D2 L' F' L2 F2 U B D' U R2 F L2...
  17. antoineccantin

    Antoine Cantin 24.11 PLL time attack (UWR?)

    :D Cube: Moyu Weilong Order: UUZHAAEJJRRTYVFNNGGGG
  18. antoineccantin

    [Unofficial] Antoine Cantin - 40.15 4x4 avg12 (39.56 avg5)

    Cube is Shengshou v4 modded by Yoshi.